Office Pools: Rules & How to play

The number 1 rule here at SportPool is to have fun and enjoy challenging yourself. These pages and the information they provide are intended only to allow people to enjoy friendly competition.

Overview :

The information provided is based on a "pick the winners against the Vegas spread" type game where you pit your vast football knowledge against the spread of the weekly games. You will log into via the "login" button at the top of the site. Once logged in, you will be given the option to select the pool you wish to play in. Once in the selected pool, select "Week 3 is open" button for example (If week three is the current week) to see the weekly games.

Please note we try to enter games by the end of the Monday Night game for the upcoming week to give you lots of time to make your selections. However if you see the wrong week displayed then you will have to come back to enter your picks. From here click which team that you think will cover the spread, submit your picks, and cross your fingers. If your team wins (covers the spread) you will be given a point. Please read further down for a more detailed explaination on how the spread affects your picks. The person with the most points for that week wins.

If there is more than 1 winner, ties are to be settled by the one who is closest to predicting the combined score of the Monday Night game. This guess is to be entered at the bottom of your picks for each week. So if Green Bay beats New York 21 - 3 then the total combined score would be 24. The player whose guess is closest to this will win the week.

Making your selections :

  1. You can only fill out the selection for the current week. Should you fail to remember to make your picks by the cut off date you will receive no points! There is absolutely no way to add selections after the previously entered end date. It is vital that you make sure your picks have been made so please verify from the login page that your picks have been made
  2. As you know technology can develop bugs that could affect points awarded, team picks and other important data. We have developed a system which is stable, fast, and as bug-free as possible, however, if a glitch is found, please report it immediately.

How the spreads work :

Spreads are usually applied on the Tuesday of each game week. You will see the favorite highlighted on your sheet and the spread in a box at the side.


Example on How to play our NFL pool

In this example, Green Bay is favored by 7 points. You can differentiate the favorite team (The team that needs to beat the spread) by the background color. If you select Green Bay to win in this example, Green Bay must defeat the New York Giants by at least 7 points for you to earn a point.

If Green Bay wins the football game by 6 points or less, or heaven forbid they actually lose the game, the people who selected the New York Giants earn the point and you come away with nothing!

So just to recap, even if Green Bay wins, but they do not cover the point spread (By winning by 7 or more points) then the game is considered a loss for you.

Games remain open until just before kick off. You need to make sure your selections are made before that time or the site will automatically lock you out. Fortunately if you forget to make your picks before a Thursday night game, you still have the opportunity to make the selections for the remaining games, as only the games that have started are locked.

Please be aware of the Thursday and Saturday night games that happen throughout the year, the NFL has a bad habbit of moving game start times so you must follow the NFL schedule to ensure you aren't surprised by a schedule change.

We try hard to open the NFL pool as quickly as possible and during short weeks so be sure to check back often.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

Thanx and have a great year!!! Staff