Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
2016 NFL Football Regular Season Game Schedules
Week 1:
September 8th:

Broncos vs Panthers

September 11th:

Falcons vs Buccaneers
Titans vs Vikings
Eagles vs Browns
Jets vs Bengals
Saints vs Raiders
Chiefs vs Chargers
Ravens vs Bills
Texans vs Bears
Jaguars vs Packers
Seahawks vs Dolphins
Cowboys vs Giants
Colts vs Lions
Cardinals vs Patriots

September 12th:

Redskins vs Steelers
49ers vs Rams

Week 2:
September 15th:

Bills vs Jets

September 18th:

Panthers vs 49ers
Redskins vs Cowboys
Steelers vs Bengals
Giants vs Saints
Patriots vs Dolphins
Texans vs Chiefs
Lions vs Titans
Browns vs Ravens
Rams vs Seahawks
Cardinals vs Buccaneers
Chargers vs Jaguars
Raiders vs Falcons
Broncos vs Colts
Vikings vs Packers

September 19th:

Bears vs Eagles

Week 3:
September 22nd:

Patriots vs Texans

September 25th:

Bills vs Cardinals
Titans vs Raiders
Giants vs Redskins
Dolphins vs Browns
Jaguars vs Ravens
Packers vs Lions
Bengals vs Broncos
Panthers vs Vikings
Buccaneers vs Rams
Seahawks vs 49ers
Chiefs vs Jets
Colts vs Chargers
Eagles vs Steelers
Cowboys vs Bears

September 26th:

Saints vs Falcons

Week 4:
September 29th:

Bengals vs Dolphins

October 2nd:

Jaguars vs Colts
Texans vs Titans
Redskins vs Browns
Jets vs Seahawks
Patriots vs Bills
Falcons vs Panthers
Ravens vs Raiders
Bears vs Lions
Buccaneers vs Broncos
Cardinals vs Rams
Chargers vs Saints
49ers vs Cowboys
Steelers vs Chiefs

October 3rd:

Vikings vs Giants

Week 5:
October 6th:

49ers vs Cardinals

October 9th:

Browns vs Patriots
Lions vs Eagles
Colts vs Bears
Dolphins vs Titans
Ravens vs Redskins
Vikings vs Texans
Steelers vs Jets
Broncos vs Falcons
Cowboys vs Bengals
Rams vs Bills
Raiders vs Chargers
Packers vs Giants

October 10th:

Panthers vs Buccaneers

Week 6:
October 13th:

Chargers vs Broncos

October 16th:

Bills vs 49ers
Redskins vs Eagles
Titans vs Browns
Giants vs Ravens
Saints vs Panthers
Bears vs Jaguars
Lions vs Rams
Dolphins vs Steelers
Patriots vs Bengals
Raiders vs Chiefs
Seahawks vs Falcons
Packers vs Cowboys
Texans vs Colts

October 17th:

Cardinals vs Jets

Week 7:
October 20th:

Packers vs Bears

October 22nd:

Cardinals vs Seahawks

October 23rd:

Rams vs Giants
Chiefs vs Saints
Titans vs Colts
Eagles vs Vikings
Bengals vs Browns
Lions vs Redskins
Jaguars vs Raiders
Dolphins vs Bills
Jets vs Ravens
49ers vs Buccaneers
Falcons vs Chargers
Steelers vs Patriots

October 24th:

Broncos vs Texans

Week 8:
October 27th:

Titans vs Jaguars

October 30th:

Bengals vs Redskins
Colts vs Chiefs
Panthers vs Cardinals
Buccaneers vs Raiders
Saints vs Seahawks
Texans vs Lions
Bills vs Patriots
Browns vs Jets
Broncos vs Chargers
Falcons vs Packers
Cowboys vs Eagles

October 31st:

Bears vs Vikings

Week 9:
November 3rd:

Buccaneers vs Falcons

November 5th:

Vikings vs Lions
Giants vs Eagles
Dolphins vs Jets
Chiefs vs Jaguars
Browns vs Cowboys
Ravens vs Steelers
49ers vs Saints
Rams vs Panthers
Packers vs Colts
Chargers vs Titans
Raiders vs Broncos

November 7th:

Seahawks vs Bills

Week 10:
November 10th:

Ravens vs Browns

November 13th:

Jaguars vs Texans
Saints vs Broncos
Jets vs Rams
Eagles vs Falcons
Panthers vs Chiefs
Buccaneers vs Bears
Redskins vs Vikings
Titans vs Packers
Chargers vs Dolphins
Cardinals vs 49ers
Steelers vs Cowboys
Patriots vs Seahawks

November 14th:

Giants vs Bengals

Week 11:
November 17th:

Panthers vs Saints

November 20th:

Browns vs Steelers
Cowboys vs Ravens
Lions vs Jaguars
Colts vs Titans
Bengals vs Bills
Chiefs vs Buccaneers
Giants vs Bears
Vikings vs Cardinals
Rams vs Dolphins
49ers vs Patriots
Seahawks vs Eagles
Redskins vs Packers

November 21st:

Raiders vs Texans

Week 12:
November 24th:

Lions vs Vikings
Cowboys vs Redskins
Colts vs Steelers

November 27th:

Bears vs Titans
Bills vs Jaguars
Ravens vs Bengals
Falcons vs Cardinals
Browns vs Giants
Saints vs Rams
Dolphins vs 49ers
Texans vs Chargers
Buccaneers vs Seahawks
Jets vs Patriots
Raiders vs Panthers
Broncos vs Chiefs

November 28th:

Eagles vs Packers

Week 13:
December 1st:

Vikings vs Cowboys

December 4th:

Falcons vs Chiefs
Saints vs Lions
Patriots vs Rams
Jaguars vs Broncos
Packers vs Texans
Bengals vs Eagles
Ravens vs Dolphins
Bears vs 49ers
Raiders vs Bills
Steelers vs Giants
Cardinals vs Redskins
Chargers vs Buccaneers
Seahawks vs Panthers

December 5th:

Jets vs Colts

Week 14:
December 8th:

Chiefs vs Raiders

December 11th:

Bills vs Steelers
Titans vs Broncos
Eagles vs Redskins
Dolphins vs Cardinals
Jaguars vs Vikings
Colts vs Texans
Panthers vs Chargers
Browns vs Bengals
Lions vs Bears
49ers vs Jets
Buccaneers vs Saints
Rams vs Falcons
Packers vs Seahawks
Giants vs Cowboys

December 12th:

Patriots vs Ravens

Week 15:
December 15th:

Seahawks vs Rams

December 17th:

Jets vs Dolphins

December 18th:

Bears vs Packers
Bills vs Browns
Ravens vs Eagles
Chiefs vs Titans
Bengals vs Steelers
Giants vs Lions
Vikings vs Colts
Texans vs Jaguars
Cardinals vs Saints
Falcons vs 49ers
Chargers vs Raiders
Broncos vs Patriots
Cowboys vs Buccaneers

December 19th:

Redskins vs Panthers

Week 16:
December 22nd:

Eagles vs Giants

December 24th:

Bills vs Dolphins
Patriots vs Jets
Jaguars vs Titans
Packers vs Vikings
Browns vs Chargers
Bears vs Redskins
Panthers vs Falcons
Raiders vs Colts
Saints vs Buccaneers
Seahawks vs Cardinals
Rams vs 49ers
Texans vs Bengals

December 25th:

Steelers vs Ravens
Chiefs vs Broncos

December 26th:

Cowboys vs Lions

Week 17:
January 1st:

Bengals vs Ravens
Titans vs Texans
Buccaneers vs Panthers
Steelers vs Browns
Eagles vs Cowboys
Jets vs Bills
Vikings vs Bears
Colts vs Jaguars
Dolphins vs Patriots
Chargers vs Chiefs
Rams vs Cardinals
Broncos vs Raiders
Redskins vs Giants
49ers vs Seahawks
Falcons vs Saints
Lions vs Packers

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Fan Zone - Show Your NFL Pride!

2016-08-29 15:44:49

Sarina Gupta
Miami Dolphins fan - Miami Beach Florida

2016-08-29 15:44:52

Anna Myers
Pittsburgh Steelers fan - Pittsburgh

2016-08-29 15:44:42

Amy Chalmers
Minnesota Vikinga fan - Portland Oregon
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Sunday1:00 pmRavens @ Bengals
 1:00 pmTexans @ Titans
 1:00 pmPanthers @ Buccaneers
 1:00 pmBrowns @ Steelers
 1:00 pmCowboys @ Eagles
 1:00 pmBills @ Jets
 1:00 pmBears @ Vikings
 1:00 pmJaguars @ Colts
 1:00 pmPatriots @ Dolphins
 4:25 pmChiefs @ Chargers
 4:25 pmCardinals @ Rams
 4:25 pmRaiders @ Broncos
 4:25 pmGiants @ Redskins
 4:25 pmSeahawks @ 49ers
 4:25 pmSaints @ Falcons
 8:30 pmPackers @ Lions
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Week 17 Spreads
Visitor vs HomeFavoriteSpread
Ravens @ BengalsBengals2.5
Texans @ TitansTitans3
Panthers @ BuccaneersBuccaneers6
Browns @ SteelersSteelers7
Cowboys @ EaglesEagles6
Bills @ JetsBills6
Bears @ VikingsVikings5.5
Jaguars @ ColtsColts4.5
Patriots @ DolphinsPatriots9.5
Chiefs @ ChargersChiefs4.5
Cardinals @ RamsCardinals6
Raiders @ BroncosBroncos2.5
Giants @ RedskinsRedskins8
Seahawks @ 49ersSeahawks10
Saints @ FalconsFalcons7
Packers @ LionsPackers3
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