2019 NFL Football Pool Deadlines

1)September 01 Thu 8:30 PM* September 08 Thu 8:30 PM
2)September 12 Mon 10:20 PM* September 15 Thu 8:25 PM
3)September 19 Mon 8:30 PM* September 22 Thu 8:25 PM
4)September 26 Mon 8:30 PM* September 29 Thu 8:25 PM
5)October 03 Mon 8:30 PM* October 06 Thu 8:25 PM
6)October 10 Mon 8:30 PM* October 13 Thu 8:25 PM
7)October 17 Mon 8:30 PM* October 20 Thu 8:25 PM
8)October 24 Mon 8:30 PM* October 27 Thu 8:25 PM
9)October 31 Mon 8:30 PM* November 03 Thu 8:25 PM
10)November 07 Mon 8:30 PM* November 10 Thu 8:25 PM
11)November 14 Mon 8:30 PM* November 17 Thu 8:25 PM
12)November 21 Mon 8:30 PM* November 24 Thu 12:30 PM
13)November 28 Mon 8:30 PM* December 01 Thu 8:30 PM
14)December 05 Mon 8:30 PM* December 08 Thu 8:25 PM
15)December 12 Mon 8:30 PM* December 15 Thu 8:25 PM
16)December 19 Mon 8:30 PM* December 22 Thu 8:25 PM
17)December 26 Mon 8:30 PMJanuary 01 Sun 1:00 PM
18)January 01 Sun 8:30 PM* December Tue : AM

Times listed are in EST so make your adjustments based on your timezone

* Denotes an early game closure. Please make sure that you are aware of the close time.
Please be aware, games times might be changed by the NFL. Please verify game start times in your area to make sure that you do not miss the deadline as the pool closes just before the games start!

Please be aware of the pool schedule each week. Games automatically close each week based on their start times which leaves the remaining games open for making or changing picks. There have been some issues with the NFL changing game start times so it is important that you get your picks in early. is a non-profit website and as such, real life sometimes interferes with our plans, so do not rely on the pool being open right up until game time. Once the week closes we try to enter the points as soon as the week ends. If we have time we will open the next weeks games as soon as the points from the previous week have been calculated.

As you know while playing NFL football office pools it is important to know when the cutoff is for each week. We try to accommodate everyone by putting up a schedule in advance so that there are no surprises. The worst part of playing online office pools or any office pool for that matter is not getting your selections in on time. We try hard to make sure that your picks are made and unless there is an error or a schedule change we keep the NFL football week open until right before the first game time of the week. This gives you all week to submit your picks to the site. It also allows you to make changes right up until game time in case of injuries, sickness an family emergencies that NFL players may experience each week.

At NFL office pools we try to make your office pool experience as enjoyable as possible. We have coded into the site a feature where your administrator / office pool owner has the ability to enter player picks after the deadline has passed. This means if you missed the NFL Football weekly deadline, or there was a justified reason why your picks were not entered, your pool owner can add your picks to the database. You may pay a penalty but at least you will not get a zero for the week and as you already know, a zero in an office pool is almost certain death.

If you have any questions or should you find any information that is not accurate on this site please feel free to contact us.

The information provided is for reference only. If you rely on this information please make sure you double check NFL Football game time starts from other sources. We strive to make this accurate but error can happen.

Above all else, we hope you enjoy the NFL pools and you have a great year! Good luck everyone!

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Fan Zone - Show Your NFL Pride!

2016-08-29 15:44:56

Gisele McDonald
Kansas City Chiefs fan - Oaklahoma City

2016-08-29 15:44:52

Anna Myers
Pittsburgh Steelers fan - Pittsburgh

2016-08-29 15:45:06

Rosa Agostinelli
Green Bay Packers fan - Providence
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Super Bowl History

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Super Bowl XXXII Logo
Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII
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Super Bowl XXXIII Logo
Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII
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Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XV
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1990 Champions

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San Franscisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIV
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Sunday1:00 pmRavens @ Bengals
 1:00 pmTexans @ Titans
 1:00 pmPanthers @ Buccaneers
 1:00 pmBrowns @ Steelers
 1:00 pmCowboys @ Eagles
 1:00 pmBills @ Jets
 1:00 pmBears @ Vikings
 1:00 pmJaguars @ Colts
 1:00 pmPatriots @ Dolphins
 4:25 pmChiefs @ Chargers
 4:25 pmCardinals @ Rams
 4:25 pmRaiders @ Broncos
 4:25 pmGiants @ Redskins
 4:25 pmSeahawks @ 49ers
 4:25 pmSaints @ Falcons
 8:30 pmPackers @ Lions
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Week 17 Spreads
Visitor vs HomeFavoriteSpread
Ravens @ BengalsBengals2.5
Texans @ TitansTitans3
Panthers @ BuccaneersBuccaneers6
Browns @ SteelersSteelers7
Cowboys @ EaglesEagles6
Bills @ JetsBills6
Bears @ VikingsVikings5.5
Jaguars @ ColtsColts4.5
Patriots @ DolphinsPatriots9.5
Chiefs @ ChargersChiefs4.5
Cardinals @ RamsCardinals6
Raiders @ BroncosBroncos2.5
Giants @ RedskinsRedskins8
Seahawks @ 49ersSeahawks10
Saints @ FalconsFalcons7
Packers @ LionsPackers3
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