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Are you looking for work in the fast paced world of sports? Maybe you are looking for a career change and you have an aptitude for sports. Sports Pool .com is always looking for quality people who know their sports and sporting facts. Maybe you are looking for a part time job in a sports related field or possibly you are looking for a new career opportunity. Finding work in a sports related field can be challenging and rewarding. If you feel you are a qualified candidate for any of our job postings, we would be glad to hear from you.

Sports Editorials

Sports Pool is looking for an enthusiastic individual to write NFL related articles each week.

The chosen candidate must be able to work within the weekly NFL deadlines. Candidate will need to write two articles a week. First article must be submitted for approval every Tuesday during the season to summarize the weeks games. The second article must be submitted by Thursday to look at the upcoming weeks games.

    Candidate should have the following skills

  • Some sports knowledge
  • At least a college degree in English
  • Punctual
  • Work within a deadline
  • Ability to prioritize tasks

Sportspool.com is growing fast, and as such we are having trouble keeping up with all the sporting events. If you are interested in writing articles for Sportspool.com we would love to hear from you!

To apply simply click here to contact Sports Pool and have a representative review your request.


Sports content needed. In years past we have exchanged links for content for our site to the mutual benefit of all. If you are a webmaster who has content (Letters, Articles, Facts, Historical information / Data) and would like to exchange links for content or services we would also be interested in talking to you.

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Currently we have no permanent full-time positions available. However, as we are growing rapidly, this may change in the future.

~Sportspool.com Staff