Kansas City Royals Team History, Stats and Records

Welcome to the Kansas City Royals online history database provided by Sportspool.com. Here you will find Major League Baseball (MLB) Kansas City Royals records, Kansas City Royals stats, and Kansas City Royals history. Compiling a complete statistical archive is time consuming and difficult. In the early days MLB did not track stats like they do today, so some information may not be completely accurate. If you find and errors in our Kansas City Royals database please pass them along. We strive to keep our Kansas City Royals stats as accurate as possible and would appreciate any corrections or edits to be passed along.

Kansas City Royals MLB Team History, Records and Stats

Kansas City Royals season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1969Kansas City Royals16369930.424Municipal Stadium II902,414NoJoe Gordon
1970Kansas City Royals16265970.4294Municipal Stadium II693,047NoBob Lemon
1971Kansas City Royals16185760.5322Municipal Stadium II910,784NoBob Lemon
1972Kansas City Royals15476780.5314Municipal Stadium II707,656NoBob Lemon
1973Kansas City Royals16288740.5022Royals Stadium1,345,341NoJack McKeon
1974Kansas City Royals16277850.5045Royals Stadium1,173,292NoJack McKeon
1975Kansas City Royals16291710.5452Royals Stadium1,151,836NoWhitey Herzog
1976Kansas City Royals16290720.5771Royals Stadium1,680,265NoWhitey Herzog
1977Kansas City Royals162102600.6151Royals Stadium1,852,603NoWhitey Herzog
1978Kansas City Royals16292700.5791Royals Stadium2,255,493NoWhitey Herzog
1979Kansas City Royals16285770.5212Royals Stadium2,261,845NoWhitey Herzog
1980Kansas City Royals16297650.5761Royals Stadium2,288,714NoJim Frey
1981Kansas City Royals10350530.494Royals Stadium1,279,403NoJim Frey
1982Kansas City Royals16290720.5452Royals Stadium2,284,464NoDick Howser
1983Kansas City Royals16379830.4522Royals Stadium1,963,875NoDick Howser
1984Kansas City Royals16284780.491Royals Stadium1,810,018NoDick Howser
1985Kansas City Royals16291710.5361Royals Stadium2,162,717YesDick Howser
1986Kansas City Royals16276860.4863Royals Stadium2,320,794NoMike Ferraro
1987Kansas City Royals16283790.5172Royals Stadium2,392,471NoBilly Gardner
1988Kansas City Royals16184770.5413Royals Stadium2,350,181NoJohn Wathan
1989Kansas City Royals16292700.5412Royals Stadium2,477,700NoJohn Wathan
1990Kansas City Royals16175860.4996Royals Stadium2,244,956NoJohn Wathan
1991Kansas City Royals16282800.5036Royals Stadium2,161,537NoHal McRae
1992Kansas City Royals16272900.4555Royals Stadium1,867,689NoHal McRae
1993Kansas City Royals16284780.4863Royals Stadium1,934,578NoHal McRae
1994Kansas City Royals11564510.5383Royals Stadium1,400,494NoHal McRae
1995Kansas City Royals14470740.4532Royals Stadium1,233,530NoBob Boone
1996Kansas City Royals16175860.4745Royals Stadium1,435,997NoBob Boone
1997Kansas City Royals16167940.4545Royals Stadium1,517,638NoBob Boone
1998Kansas City Royals16172890.3873Royals Stadium1,494,875NoTony Muser
1999Kansas City Royals16164970.4634Royals Stadium1,506,068NoTony Muser
2000Kansas City Royals16277850.4724Royals Stadium1,564,847NoTony Muser
2001Kansas City Royals16265970.4195Royals Stadium1,536,371NoTony Muser
2002Kansas City Royals162621000.4064Royals Stadium1,323,036NoTony Muser
2003Kansas City Royals16283790.4823Royals Stadium1,779,895NoTony Pena
2004Kansas City Royals162581040.3885Royals Stadium1,661,478NoTony Pena

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