Boston Red Sox Team History, Stats and Records

Welcome to the Boston Red Sox online history database provided by Here you will find Major League Baseball (MLB) Boston Red Sox records, Boston Red Sox stats, and Boston Red Sox history. Compiling a complete statistical archive is time consuming and difficult. In the early days MLB did not track stats like they do today, so some information may not be completely accurate. If you find and errors in our Boston Red Sox database please pass them along. We strive to keep our Boston Red Sox stats as accurate as possible and would appreciate any corrections or edits to be passed along.

Boston Red Sox MLB Team History, Records and Stats

Boston Red Sox season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1901Boston Red Sox13879570.6092Huntington Avenue Grounds289,448NoJimmy Collins
1902Boston Red Sox13877600.5513Huntington Avenue Grounds348,567NoJimmy Collins
1903Boston Red Sox14191470.6641Huntington Avenue Grounds379,338YesJimmy Collins
1904Boston Red Sox15795590.631Huntington Avenue Grounds623,295NoJimmy Collins
1905Boston Red Sox15378740.5134Huntington Avenue Grounds468,828NoJimmy Collins
1906Boston Red Sox155491050.3018Huntington Avenue Grounds410,209NoJimmy Collins
1907Boston Red Sox15559900.4097Huntington Avenue Grounds436,777NoGeorge Huff
1908Boston Red Sox15575790.5475Huntington Avenue Grounds473,048NoFred Lake
1909Boston Red Sox15288630.5413Huntington Avenue Grounds668,965NoFred Lake
1910Boston Red Sox15881720.5614Huntington Avenue Grounds584,619NoPatsy Donovan
1911Boston Red Sox15378750.5285Huntington Avenue Grounds503,961NoPatsy Donovan
1912Boston Red Sox154105470.6831Fenway Park I597,096YesJake Stahl
1913Boston Red Sox15179710.5174Fenway Park I437,194NoBill Carrigan
1914Boston Red Sox15991620.5722Fenway Park I481,359NoBill Carrigan
1915Boston Red Sox155101500.6431Fenway Park I539,885YesBill Carrigan
1916Boston Red Sox15691630.5681Fenway Park I496,397YesBill Carrigan
1917Boston Red Sox15790620.5992Fenway Park I387,856NoJack Barry
1918Boston Red Sox12675510.6091Fenway Park I249,513YesEd Barrow
1919Boston Red Sox13866710.5116Fenway Park I417,291NoEd Barrow
1920Boston Red Sox15472810.4645Fenway Park I402,445NoEd Barrow
1921Boston Red Sox15475790.4795Fenway Park I279,273NoHugh Duffy
1922Boston Red Sox15461930.3778Fenway Park I259,184NoHugh Duffy
1923Boston Red Sox15461910.3438Fenway Park I229,688NoFrank Chance
1924Boston Red Sox15767870.4557Fenway Park I448,556NoLee Fohl
1925Boston Red Sox152471050.3248Fenway Park I267,782NoLee Fohl
1926Boston Red Sox154461070.3128Fenway Park I285,155NoLee Fohl
1927Boston Red Sox154511030.3278Fenway Park I305,275NoBill Carrigan
1928Boston Red Sox15457960.3698Fenway Park I396,920NoBill Carrigan
1929Boston Red Sox15558960.3628Fenway Park I394,620NoBill Carrigan
1930Boston Red Sox154521020.3618Fenway Park I444,045NoHeinie Wagner
1931Boston Red Sox15362900.3796Fenway Park I350,975NoShano Collins
1932Boston Red Sox154431110.2778Fenway Park I182,150NoShano Collins
1933Boston Red Sox14963860.467Fenway Park I268,715NoMarty McManus
1934Boston Red Sox15376760.5284Fenway Park II610,640NoBucky Harris
1935Boston Red Sox15478750.494Fenway Park II558,568NoJoe Cronin
1936Boston Red Sox15574800.5076Fenway Park II626,895NoJoe Cronin
1937Boston Red Sox15480720.5295Fenway Park II559,659NoJoe Cronin
1938Boston Red Sox15088610.5912Fenway Park II646,459NoJoe Cronin
1939Boston Red Sox15289620.5562Fenway Park II573,070NoJoe Cronin
1940Boston Red Sox15482720.5285Fenway Park II716,234NoJoe Cronin
1941Boston Red Sox15584700.5712Fenway Park II718,497NoJoe Cronin
1942Boston Red Sox15293590.6212Fenway Park II730,340NoJoe Cronin
1943Boston Red Sox15568840.4627Fenway Park II358,275NoJoe Cronin
1944Boston Red Sox15677770.5444Fenway Park II506,975NoJoe Cronin
1945Boston Red Sox15771830.4417Fenway Park II603,794NoJoe Cronin
1946Boston Red Sox156104500.641Fenway Park II1,416,944NoJoe Cronin
1947Boston Red Sox15783710.5373Fenway Park II1,427,315NoJoe Cronin
1948Boston Red Sox15596590.6132Fenway Park II1,558,798NoJoe McCarthy
1949Boston Red Sox15596580.6432Fenway Park II1,596,650NoJoe McCarthy
1950Boston Red Sox15494600.623Fenway Park II1,344,080NoJoe McCarthy
1951Boston Red Sox15487670.5523Fenway Park II1,312,282NoSteve O'Neill
1952Boston Red Sox15476780.5086Fenway Park II1,115,750NoLou Boudreau
1953Boston Red Sox15384690.5194Fenway Park II1,026,133NoLou Boudreau
1954Boston Red Sox15669850.484Fenway Park II931,127NoLou Boudreau
1955Boston Red Sox15484700.5734Fenway Park II1,203,200NoPinky Higgins
1956Boston Red Sox15584700.5194Fenway Park II1,137,158NoPinky Higgins
1957Boston Red Sox15482720.5383Fenway Park II1,181,087NoPinky Higgins
1958Boston Red Sox15579750.5043Fenway Park II1,077,047NoPinky Higgins
1959Boston Red Sox15475790.5215Fenway Park II984,102NoPinky Higgins
1960Boston Red Sox15465890.4197Fenway Park II1,129,866NoDel Baker
1961Boston Red Sox16376860.4596Fenway Park II850,589NoPinky Higgins
1962Boston Red Sox16076840.4678Fenway Park II733,080NoPinky Higgins
1963Boston Red Sox16176850.4727Fenway Park II942,642NoJohnny Pesky
1964Boston Red Sox16272900.4298Fenway Park II883,276NoBilly Herman
1965Boston Red Sox162621000.4179Fenway Park II652,201NoBilly Herman
1966Boston Red Sox16272900.4459Fenway Park II811,172NoBilly Herman
1967Boston Red Sox16292700.581Fenway Park II1,727,832NoDick Williams
1968Boston Red Sox16286760.5024Fenway Park II1,940,788NoDick Williams
1969Boston Red Sox16287750.5053Fenway Park II1,833,246NoEddie Popowski
1970Boston Red Sox16287750.5423Fenway Park II1,595,278NoEddie Kasko
1971Boston Red Sox16285770.5183Fenway Park II1,678,732NoEddie Kasko
1972Boston Red Sox15585700.5162Fenway Park II1,441,718NoEddie Kasko
1973Boston Red Sox16289730.5652Fenway Park II1,481,002NoEddie Kasko
1974Boston Red Sox16284780.5263Fenway Park II1,556,411NoDarrell Johnson
1975Boston Red Sox16095650.5581Fenway Park II1,748,587NoDarrell Johnson
1976Boston Red Sox16283790.5413Fenway Park II1,895,846NoDarrell Johnson
1977Boston Red Sox16197640.5933Fenway Park II2,074,549NoDon Zimmer
1978Boston Red Sox16399640.5952Fenway Park II2,320,643NoDon Zimmer
1979Boston Red Sox16091690.5833Fenway Park II2,353,114NoDon Zimmer
1980Boston Red Sox16083770.4934Fenway Park II1,956,092NoJohnny Pesky
1981Boston Red Sox10859490.5385Fenway Park II1,060,379NoRalph Houk
1982Boston Red Sox16289730.5273Fenway Park II1,950,124NoRalph Houk
1983Boston Red Sox16278840.4666Fenway Park II1,782,285NoRalph Houk
1984Boston Red Sox16286760.5294Fenway Park II1,661,618NoRalph Houk
1985Boston Red Sox16381810.5525Fenway Park II1,786,633NoJohn McNamara
1986Boston Red Sox16195660.5651Fenway Park II2,147,641NoJohn McNamara
1987Boston Red Sox16278840.515Fenway Park II2,231,551NoJohn McNamara
1988Boston Red Sox16289730.5821Fenway Park II2,464,851NoJohn McNamara
1989Boston Red Sox16283790.5263Fenway Park II2,510,012NoJoe Morgan
1990Boston Red Sox16288740.5261Fenway Park II2,528,986NoJoe Morgan
1991Boston Red Sox16284780.5132Fenway Park II2,562,435NoJoe Morgan
1992Boston Red Sox16273890.4457Fenway Park II2,468,574NoButch Hobson
1993Boston Red Sox16280820.4915Fenway Park II2,422,021NoButch Hobson
1994Boston Red Sox11554610.4414Fenway Park II1,775,818NoButch Hobson
1995Boston Red Sox14486580.5621Fenway Park II2,164,410NoKevin Kennedy
1996Boston Red Sox16285770.5043Fenway Park II2,315,231NoKevin Kennedy
1997Boston Red Sox16278840.4964Fenway Park II2,226,136NoJimy Williams
1998Boston Red Sox16292700.5912Fenway Park II2,314,704NoJimy Williams
1999Boston Red Sox16294680.5752Fenway Park II2,446,162NoJimy Williams
2000Boston Red Sox16285770.5312Fenway Park II2,585,895NoJimy Williams
2001Boston Red Sox16182790.5182Fenway Park II2,625,333NoJoe Kerrigan
2002Boston Red Sox16293690.6252Fenway Park II2,650,862NoGrady Little
2003Boston Red Sox16295670.5852Fenway Park II2,724,165NoGrady Little
2004Boston Red Sox16298640.6042Fenway Park II2,837,294YesTerry Francona

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