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Brain of dead football player, 25, showed CTE damage after 10 concussions

Monday, January 4th, 2016
NFL-Brain Disease Research Football

A 25-year-old former college football player showed signs of a type of brain degeneration from repeated trauma, say researchers who described the autopsy-confirmed case.

Concussions with unconsciousness linked to memory loss

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
Jaguars Allen Retires Football

Athletes who lose consciousness after concussions may be at greater risk for memory loss later in life, a small study of retired National Football League players suggests.

Bigger hockey helmets may follow proposed new safety measure

Monday, March 30th, 2015
King George kids Howe 3

Hockey helmets alone won't protect against concussions but there’s room to improve their design to reduce the risk of head injuries, a new lab rating suggests.

‘Money is first’: Why some team doctors may be harming pro athletes

Friday, March 13th, 2015

An investigation by the fifth estate discovers rampant over-prescription of drugs by some team doctors in major sports leagues.

NHL mumps outbreak: 7 big questions answered

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
Sidney Crosby

Many hockey fans are shocked that a disease thought to have gone out with black and white TVs has taken over the NHL, sparking questions about this surprise outbreak — 14 players on five teams — and the dangers of mumps.

Concussion protocol urged to protect all Canadians playing high-risk sports

Thursday, August 21st, 2014
Concussion Center Hockey

A coalition of health and sporting groups across the country is calling for Canada's athletic organizations to get more proactive about protecting participants from head injuries.

3 athletes told they can’t compete at Youth Olympics because of Ebola fears

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Three teenage athletes from the Ebola-affected region of Africa will not be allowed to compete at the Youth Olympics in China, the IOC and local organizers say.

Noise at pro sports games can cause long-term hearing loss

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
HKN Senators Canadiens 20130501

Spectators at pro sports games like the Super Bowl need to protect their ears while enjoying the action, Canadian experts say.

NHL injuries cost an estimated $218M US a year

Sunday, January 19th, 2014
HKN Leafs Gardiner 20130513

About half of NHL players suffer an injury such as concussion that benches them, costing the league an estimated $218 million in lost time, say Canadian doctors who want arenas to be safer workplaces.