Superbowl Standings - Learn how your team ranks against other Superbowl Championship Teams

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Superbowl Championship Team Standings
(Win Percentage Point Differential)

We have created this section so that fans of the NFL can have fun looking at how their favorite teams stack up against the leagues best superbowl championship teams. The winning percentage is a bit misleading as the Pittsburgh Steelers have one more superbowls than any other NFL franchise but they rank 5th overall as they have lost one game, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Baltimore, and the New York Jets have one their only appearance to the big game. This is simply for fun and I will let you, the fans determine which team is actually the best of all time!

San Francisco 49ers501.00018889
Baltimore Ravens101.000347
New Orleans Saints101.0003117
New York Jets101.000167
Tampa Bay Buccaneers101.0004821
Green Bay Packers41.800158101
New York Giants41.800104104
Pittsburgh Steelers62.750193164
Dallas Cowboys53.625221132
Oakland/L.A. Raiders32.600132114
Washington Redskins32.600122103
Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts22.5006977
Chicago Bears11.5006339
Kansas City Chiefs11.5003342
New England Patriots34.428138187
Miami Dolphins23.40074103
Denver Broncos24.333115206
St. Louis/L.A. Rams12.3335967
Arizona Cardinals01.0002327
Atlanta Falcons01.0001934
Carolina Panthers01.0002932
San Diego Chargers01.0002649
Seattle Seahawks01.0001021
Tennessee Titans01.0001623
Cincinnati Bengals02.0003746
Philadelphia Eagles02.0003151
Buffalo Bills04.00073139
Minnesota Vikings04.0003495
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