Do you know who holds the NFL record for most Punt Returns in a game? Who has the most Punt Returns in their NFL career?

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History: NFL Football - Punt Return Records

Do you know who holds the NFL record for most Punt Returns in a game? Who has the most Punt Returns in their NFL career? Have you ever wondered who holds the most records in the NFL? Have you ever wanted to know which player holds the records for the most rushing yards, passing yards, games played or any other NFL related record? This is the website for you! brings you NFL Football - League Wide Records to help you become more knowledgeable about the game..There are a lot of NFL Records and many of them deal with history, NFL, nfl, records, receiving, fumbles, touchdowns, catching, rushing, running, pass, passing, achievments, hall of fame, kick returns, combined yardage, punting, interceptions, sacks, fumbles and more

Most Seasons Leading League - Punt Returns
3Les (Speedy) Duncan, San Diego, 1965-66; Washington, 1971
 Rick Upchurch, Denver, 1976, 1978, 1982
2Dick Christy, N.Y. Titans, 1961-62
 Claude Gibson, Oakland, 1963-64
 Billy (White Shoes) Johnson, Houston, 1975, 1977
 Mel Gray, New Orleans, 1987; Detroit, 1991
 Jermaine Lewis, Baltimore, 1997, 2000
 Roscoe Parrish, Buffalo, 2007-08
Most Punt Returns, Career
463Brian Mitchell, Washington, 1990-99; Philadelphia, 2000-02; N.Y. Giants, 2003
351Eric Metcalf, Cleveland, 1989-1994; Atlanta, 1995-96; San Diego, 1997; Arizona, 1998; Carolina, 1999; Washington, 2001; Green Bay, 2002
349David Meggett, N.Y. Giants, 1989-1994; New England, 1995-97; N.Y. Jets, 1998
Most Punt Returns, Season
70Danny Reece, Tampa Bay, 1979
62Fulton Walker, Miami-L.A. Raiders, 1985
58J.T. Smith, Kansas City, 1979
 Greg Pruitt, L.A. Raiders, 1983
 Leo Lewis, Minnesota, 1988
 Desmond Howard, Green Bay, 1996
 Nate Burleson, Seattle, 2007
Most Punt Returns, Rookie, Season
57Lew Barnes, Chicago, 1986
55B.J. Sams, Baltimore, 2004
54James Jones, Dallas, 1980
Most Punt Returns, Game
11Eddie Brown, Washington vs. Tampa Bay, Oct. 9, 1977
10Theo Bell, Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo, Dec. 16, 1979
 Mike Nelms, Washington vs. New Orleans, Dec. 26, 1982
 Ronnie Harris, New England vs. Pittsburgh, Dec. 5, 1993
9Rodger Bird, Oakland vs. Denver, Sept. 10, 1967
 Ralph McGill, San Francisco vs. Atlanta, Oct. 29, 1972
 Ed Podolak, Kansas City vs. San Diego, Nov. 10, 1974
 Anthony Leonard, San Francisco vs. New Orleans, Oct. 17, 1976
 Butch Johnson, Dallas vs. Buffalo, Nov. 15, 1976
 Larry Marshall, Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay, Sept. 18, 1977
 Nesby Glasgow, Baltimore vs. Kansas City, Sept. 2, 1979
 Mike Nelms, Washington vs. St. Louis, Dec. 21, 1980
 Leon Bright, N.Y. Giants vs. Philadelphia, Dec. 11, 1982
 Pete Shaw, N.Y. Giants vs. Philadelphia, Nov. 20, 1983
 Cleotha Montgomery, L.A. Raiders vs. Detroit, Dec. 10, 1984
 Phil McConkey, N.Y. Giants vs. Philadelphia, Dec. 6, 1987 (ot)
 Andre Hastings, Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland, Nov. 13, 1995
 Steve Smith, Carolina vs. Detroit, Sept. 15, 2002
 Reggie Swinton, Arizona vs. Philadelphia, Dec. 24, 2005
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