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Fresh snowfall helps crews battle wildfires in California

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Officials say snow helped protect some of the iconic sequoia trees in the path of the KNP Complex Fire, but the danger is not over yet.

Hurricane Ida snuck up on the Saints. Here’s how they pulled off their Dallas evacuation

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Some, like New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, didn’t know the storm was brewing near Jamaica — let alone that it posed any threat to Louisiana. Payton opened his post-practice media session with news of one transaction. He took several questions about the upcoming exhibition game against the Arizona Cardinals, and he spoke at length about former NFL coach Mike Martz helping the offense.

New Orleans couple dogsitting in Colorado watch Ida hit their home

Monday, August 30th, 2021

ESTES PARK, Colo. KDVR) — A couple in Colorado from New Orleans were keeping their eyes on news and updates from neighbors as Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday. The people we know in the city.

Wife speaks out after Surprise man was rescued in the Grand Canyon area

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK - A search operation underway in the Grand Canyon for a Surprise man who has not been since Sunday morning ended on a happy note on Aug. 24. According to the National Park Service, 48-year-old Arturo Hernandez was last seen east of Hermit Creek Camp on the Tonto Trail at 11 a.m. On Aug. 23, officials received a report of two overdue hikers on the Hermit Trail.

Jill Biden calls on unvaccinated in Hawaii to get shots

Sunday, July 25th, 2021

First Lady Jill Biden visited a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Waipahu, Hawaii, on Sunday to encourage unvaccinated Hawaiians to get their shots as the delta variant continues to surge through much of the U.S. Biden in remarks at the clinic at Waipahu High School said the virus has become “more contagious than ever” and urged the unvaccinated to “help us move past this virus once and for all. I’m here to ask everyone listening right now, to choose to get vaccinated,” Biden said.

NFL star Baker Mayfield wasn’t the only one who saw strange lights in the sky

Friday, March 5th, 2021

A classic alien movie once told us earthlings: “We are not alone. The American Meteor Society received 20 reports of fireballs — bright meteors — in various parts of Texas on the same night Mayfield posted a Twitter message indicating he was “almost 100%” sure he and his wife “saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky” on his way home from dinner Wednesday evening.

Crews respond to boat fire; Dunbar toll bridge back open

Saturday, September 19th, 2020

DUNBAR, W.Va. WSAZ) - A boat fire has been reported along the Kanawha River in Dunbar. Dispatchers tell WSAZ the toll bridge was shut down while crews knock out the flames, but it is back open.

Collier County prepares for mosquito control ahead of storm

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Representatives from the Collier Mosquito Control District, CMCD, say there are steps that need to be taken before and after the storm. They advise residents to shake off any standing water around your property. Even a bottle cap-sized amount of water could breed up to 100 mosquitoes.

Local Group Travels to Minneapolis with car full of donated supplies

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Communities in southeastern Minnesota continue to show support to those affected in Minneapolis. A local group from Plainview and Rochester heard from moms in the Twin Cities about a need for diapers, baby supplies and food, and wanted to help out. The group collected donations and supplies from Stewartville, Plainview, Rushford and Caledonia raising more than $6,800.

25 awesome images of the pink supermoon to take your mind off the pandemic

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

At a time when millions have been infected and billions are confined to their homes, a full moon can remind us that we are all under the same sky.