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Top NFL commentator sorry for comparing New York Giants’ form to Weinstein

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Al Michaels has covered multiple World Series, Super Bowls and Olympics. Al Michaels, one of America’s most respected sports commentators, has apologised after jokingly comparing the New York Giants’ problems to those of the disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of multiple cases of sexual abuse.

Takes One to Know One? Woody Allen is ‘Sad’ For Harvey Weinstein After Multiple Sex Abuse Allegations

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Woody Allen has said he is “sad” for Harvey Weinstein, as the Hollywood movie mogul faces multiple accusations of sexual assault. "The whole Harvey Weinstein thing is very sad for everybody involved," he said. Director Woody Allen (L) and producer Harvey Weinstein arrive on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' at the Mann Village Theatre on August 4, 2008 in Westwood, California.

Roger Goodell’s wife had a secret Twitter account to defend him against criticism

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

The reaction to a Wall Street Journal story on Roger Goodell’s wife having a secret Twitter account to defend him anonymously will probably be another way for folks to pick at the NFL commissioner. Really, it humanizes Goodell a bit more. It just happens that in this case, Jane Skinner Goodell is married to one of the more famous and powerful people in sports.

Cam Newton Apologizes For Controversial Response To Female Reporter

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton sent out a recorded apology on Thursday night for his “extremely degrading and disrespectful” choice of words in response to a female reporter's question. Charlotte Observer journalist Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton Wednesday about wide the Panthers’ Devin Funchess embracing the physicality of routes.

NFL: Panthers’ Newton apologizes for ‘degrading’ comment to reporter

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Newton was dropped by sponsor Dannon for the incident when he was asked a question by reporter Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer and smirked before saying: "it's funny to hear a female talk about routes." He later used Twitter to post a video apology. "After careful thought, I understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful to women," Newton said.

Cam Newton tweets apology for comments to female reporter

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

It took more than a day, but Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton apologized for insulting a female reporter, saying it was “funny” she’d ask about passing routes. “What I did was extremely unacceptable,” Newton said. On Wednesday, in response to Charlotte Observer Jourdan Rodrigue’s question about Panthers receiver Devin Funchess being more physical in his routes, Newton smirked and told her it was funny to “hear a female” talking about routes.

Panthers reporter at center of Cam Newton storm apologizes for old tweets

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Jourdan Rodrigue, the Charlotte Observer Carolina Panthers beat reporter who found herself thrust into the spotlight on Wednesday after Panthers quarterback Cam Newton smirked and called it “so funny” to have a “female” ask him about route-running, saw the heat turned on her Thursday.

NFL Star Cam Newton Lost a Big Endorsement Deal Over His Sexist Comments

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Yogurt brand Dannon is severing ties with Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton after he responded to female sports reporter Jourdan Rodrigue’s question with an answer that many have derided as sexist. Newton previously served as a spokesperson for Oikos Greek yogurt, owned by Dannon. “We are shocked and disheartened at the behavior and comments of Cam Newton towards Jourdan Rodrigue, which we perceive as sexist and disparaging to all women,” Michael Neuwirth, senior director of external communications for Dannon, told USA Today in an email.

‘It’s My Job:’ Female Reporter Responds to Cam Newton’s Sexist Comment

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Jourdan Rodrigue, a Carolina Panthers beat reporter for the Charlotte Observer, defended herself Wednesday night after Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton laughed at a question she asked, saying it was “funny to hear a female” talk about receiver routes. Rodrigue, 25, had asked Newton about the whether he enjoyed the approach wide receiver Devin Funchess was taking to running his routes.

Cam Newton laughs at reporter: ‘It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes’

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton laughed at a question from a female reporter Wednesday, noting that it was "funny" to hear a woman pose it. At a press conference earlier today, Charlotte Observer sportswriter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton about his teammate's routes, eliciting a smile from the NFL player. "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes," he said, before answering. "I don't think it's 'funny' to be female and talk about routes," she responded on Twitter. "I think it's my job." After video footage of Newton's comments went viral, critics took aim at the NFL player on social media. The Association for Women in Sports Media, a nonprofit to support women who work in sports