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Four Areas the Houston Texans Have Actually Upgraded This Offseason

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

I Support Local Community Journalism Support the independent voice of Houston and help keep the future of Houston Press free. In the midst of all the drama surrounding Deshaun Watson, and with the Texans largely rendered irrelevant in the upcoming NFL Draft (the first night of the draft is two weeks from Thursday) because Bill O'Brien's crappy trades have left them without a first or second round pick, we sometimes need a reminder that the team HAS actually been making an effort to improve its r...

Sean Payton to be played by Kevin James in film

Monday, April 12th, 2021

The "King of New Orleans"? Saints coach Sean Payton will be portrayed by comic actor Kevin James in an upcoming Netflix movie titled, "Home Team." The movie is being produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions.

Tom Brady calls Tony Finau during Masters rain delay

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

During Saturday’s rain delay at The Masters, Tony Finau received an unexpected phone call. Finau, who was waiting out the 78-minute delay in the caddie house, was approached by Augusta club member Jimmy Dunne, and he told the 31-year-old golfer that he had someone who wanted to talk to him on FaceTime. It was seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

The Kansas City Chiefs can’t wait to Pickleball Julian Marquez

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

Nowadays when Julian Marquez fights, we’re split between waiting to see what he’ll do in the cage, and what he’ll do outside of it after he wins. Following a spectacular come from behind anaconda choke win against Maki Pitolo at UFC 258, Marquez ‘called out’ Miley Cyrus, who responded enthusiastically to the request to be his Valentine. Marquez would end up losing that W in the follow up tweets, but it was fun to watch.

Mocking The Bills: Exploring a trade-back scenario for Buffalo

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

In this scenario the Bills would send pick 30 to Philadelphia in exchange for the Eagles’ second- (no. fourth- (no. and fifth- (no.

‘GOAT’ Tom Brady remains motivated by doubters

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

I think that’s a great part about football. It’s not really about what you did last year, it’s kind of what you’re going to do this year, so for me it was what I was going to do for the Bucs last year. I still feel that way.

Aaron Rodgers might not be a star guest host on ‘Jeopardy!’, but he’s a good backup

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

In filing a scouting report on Aaron Rodgers after the first week of his two-week run as a guest host of “Jeopardy! it seems fitting to begin by asking a question, even if it is not delivered in the show’s proper format as an answer in the form of a question: Do you remember Rolf Benirschke? If you’re a fan of high-octane NFL offenses or ’80s placekickers with cool names, you might.

Night 5 of Aaron Rodgers on ‘Jeopardy!’: The host loosens up, and ‘The Office’ and sturgeon make it into play

Friday, April 9th, 2021

With five episodes behind the “Jeopardy! podium down and five to go, Aaron Rodgers is starting to loosen up as guest host. A jovial “Yes, that’s the book” for a correct response on “A River Runs Through It.

Guiding you through WrestleMania 37 and the return of fans

Friday, April 9th, 2021

This is the second year in a row -- and the second-ever -- that WWE has expanded the event to multiple nights. About 25,000 fans will be there at Raymond James Stadium for each night. That's similar to the crowd we saw at Super Bowl LV in February.

Alvin Kamara Rookie Contract Money Totaling $75 Million Never Spent, Lives Off Endorsement Contracts

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Alvin Kamara is a star in the NFL, but he may consider another gig after he retires: teaching financial literacy. During an interview for Uninterrupted’s Kneading Dough series, the four-time Pro Bowl running back explained how he understands the value of money and the importance of working hard. I’ve always known the value of a dollar,” the 25-year-old said.