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Driver: Travis Kvapil Biography: Nascar Racing

Travis Kvapil 2005 money earnings are currently $1,854,264.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Travis Kvapil
Born: Mar 01, 1976
Hometown: Janesville, WI.
Resides: Mooresville, NC.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
  • 2004: Two wins in the Craftsman Truck Series
  • 2004: Finished eighth in the Craftsman Truck Series
  • 2001: Craftsman Truck Series rookie of the year
  • Travis Kvapil knew he wanted to be a racecar driver since he was a kid making black marks in the driveway with his bike tires. He spent hours hanging around his dad's shop and at the local tracks, watching and learning about race cars. When he was 14 years old, he was hot-lapping stock cars under the keen eye of his dad, Dick, and Jim Pierson, who later became Travis' first mentor and crew chief. The early days of racing were not easy despite the fact that Kvapil's trophy cases were filling up. He went to school, went to work, then worked on the race car. There was little time for anything else. Before making it big in NASCAR, Kvapil starred in the RE/MAX Challenge Series during the 1999 and 2000 seasons, winning twice at Pikes Peak International Raceway. He counted 15 top-five and 21 top-10 finishes in the Late Model cars during the 1999 and 2000 seasons. He was the 1996 Late Model champion of Madison (Wis.) International Speedway. Kvapil had a sensational 2001 season in the Craftsman Truck Series, winning Rookie of the Year honors, winning his first race and finishing fourth in the CTS championship standings.
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    #77 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Dodge and Sponsored by Kodak/Jasper Engines driven by Travis Kvapil
    Car Information
    Car Number: #77
    Driver: Travis Kvapil
    Sponsored by:
    Kodak/Jasper Engines
    Owner: Douglas Bawel
    Crew Chief:
    Shane Wilson
    Car Make: Dodge

    Car #77 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
    2004Brendan Gaughan32220027001$2,215,800
    2003Dave Blaney28319436014$2,828,690
    2002Dave Blaney19367036005$2,677,710
    2001Robert Pressley25315634015$2,100,020
    2001Boris Said502722001$124,340
    2000Robert Pressley25305534011$1,427,820
    1999Robert Pressley39205028000$1,033,223
    1998Robert Pressley32238830011$996,721
    1998Ted Musgrave231181000$1,215,626
    1998Hut Stricklin50731000$337,106
    1997Robert Pressley433576000$252,478
    1997Morgan Shepherd383355000$662,999
    1997Bobby Hillin4751110000$211,978
    1996Bobby Hillin37203125000$395,224
    1995Bobby Hillin, Jr37168618001$237,120
    1995Davy Jones465207000$109,925
    1994Greg Sacks31259331003$374,728
    1993Mike Potter66521000$11,915
    1992Mike Potter3680611000$73,060
    1991Gary Brooks88461000$3,425
    1990Ken Ragan552384000$15,720
    1989Ken Ragan542043000$7,295
    1988Ken Ragan463145000$13,555
    1987Ken Ragan435496000$30,575
    1987Eddie Bierschwale331433000$58,790
    1987Bobby Wawak39761000$17,755
    1986Ken Ragan403874000$33,890
    1986Rick Lach121431000$825
    1985Greg Sacks25123613002$227,110
    1984Ken Ragan4087310000$37,045
    1983Ken Ragan356426000$27,905
    1983Dean Combs422913000$12,275
    1982Dean Combs444315000$7,940
    1981Dean Combs11602000$1,155
    1981Lowell Cowell571121000$8,055
    1981Donnie Allison443393011$27,745
    1980John Anderson242693001$48,265
    1980Kenny Hemphill622525001$8,970
    1980Eddie Dickerson731001000$1,590
    1980Dick May35731000$42,945
    1979Jody Ridley473743012$11,245
    1978Chuck Bown563014000$3,585
    1977Johnny Rutherford12402000$4,150
    1976Dale Earnhardt10401000$3,085
    1976Johnny Rutherford12502000$2,745
    1976Bob Burcham55581000$6,465
    1975Bill Champion31761000$11,340
    1975Johnny Ray672264000$3,435
    1975Larry Esau811181000$1,535  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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