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Driver: Tony Stewart Biography: Nascar Racing

Tony Stewart 2005 money earnings are currently $3,754,353.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Tony Stewart
Born: May 20, 1971
Hometown: Columbus, IN.
Resides: Columbus, IN.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
  • 17 Winston Cup victories
  • 2003: Won at Pocono and Charlotte
  • 2003: Finished seveth in points
  • 2002: NASCAR champion
  • 1999: Rookie of the Year
  • 1997: Indy Racing League champion
  • Tony won his first racing championship in 1980 when he came out on top of a four-cycle rookie junior class championship at the Columbus (Ind.) Fairgrounds. He followed that up with an International Karting Federation Championship in 1983 and the World Karting Association national championship in 1987. In 1989, Stewart graduated to higher horsepower, racing three-quarter midgets before entering the USAC ranks in 1991, where he was named rookie of the year. Three years later, Stewart won the USAC championship after a five-victory season in just 22 starts in the National Midge category. In 1995, Stewart captured the USAC Triple Crown, winning in the National Midget, Sprint and Silver Crown Series in the same season, a feat that hadn't been accomplished before. Stewart entered the IRL in 1996, winning its rookie of the year award. A year later, he captured the series championship before heading to NASCAR and Joe GIbbs Racing the next year.
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    #20 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Chevrolet and Sponsored by The Home Depot driven by Tony Stewart
    Car Information
    Car Number: #20
    Driver: Tony Stewart
    Sponsored by:
    The Home Depot
    Owner: Joe Gibbs
    Crew Chief:
    Greg Zipadelli
    Car Make: Chevrolet

    Car #20 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
    2004Tony Stewart83486272913$5,064,130
    2003Tony Stewart745493621218$5,227,500
    2002Tony Stewart148003631521$4,695,150
    2001Tony Stewart247633631522$3,493,040
    2000Tony Stewart645703461223$3,200,190
    1999Tony Stewart447743431221$2,615,226
    1997Greg Sacks4577812000$320,714
    1997Lance Hooper48371000$134,150
    1996Elton Sawyer43941000$129,618
    1994Bobby Hillin, Jr441282000$125,340
    1994Jimmy Hensley41431000$199,870
    1994Randy LaJoie482062000$30,565
    1994Gary Collins79431000$7,100
    1993Bobby Hamilton374345000$142,740
    1993Dirk Stephens631102000$12,880
    1993Joe Ruttman434175011$70,700
    1992Jimmy Spencer331031000$176,085
    1992Joe Ruttman84581000$5,250
    1992Mike Wallace50641000$17,415
    1991Ricky Craven82611000$3,750
    1991Buddy Baker404454000$58,060
    1991Kim Campbell79701000$3,725
    1991Bobby Hillin, Jr309759000$233,915
    1991Sammy Swindell90401000$16,500
    1990Steve Grissom79911000$4,275
    1990Chad Little331001000$75,140
    1990Jimmy Hensley88702000$7,475
    1990Rob Moroso30218425001$141,902
    1989Rob Moroso61611000$4,725
    1989Dave Mader III73911000$2,675
    1988Dave Mader III72911000$1,565
    1986Rick Newsom691833000$4,185
    1985Rick Newsom414506000$8,690
    1984Rick Newsom83761000$1,235
    1983Rick Newsom40791000$14,445
    1982Rick Newsom366198000$12,390
    1981Rick Newsom377689000$8,625
    1981Cecil Gordon23851000$55,230
    1980Rick Newsom444836000$3,830
    1979Rick Newsom493554000$5,530
    1979Ed Hale891181000$2,155
    1977Richard White74881000$2,375
    1977Rick Newsom484465000$3,260
    1976Rick Newsom446077000$5,520
    1976Ron Esau771792000$2,310
    1975Rick Newsom367509000$9,370
    1975G.T. Tallas105761000$825  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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