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Driver: Scott Wimmer Biography: Nascar Racing

Scott Wimmer 2005 money earnings are currently $1,854,557.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Scott Wimmer
Born: Jan 26, 1976
Hometown: Wausau, WI.
Resides: Wausau, WI.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
  • 2003: Finished ninth in Busch Series points
  • Scott Wimmer has competed in several different types of racing throughout his young career. He started by racing three-wheelers at the age of eight. A year later, Wimmer finished second in the National Amateur Off-Road Championship. In 1991, at age 15, Wimmer made his stock car racing debut at Wausau Speedway in his native Wisconsin. In 1994, Wimmer was named Rookie of the Year at State Park Speedway, Dells Motor Speedway and WI Short Track Series in Wisconsin. Over the next couple of years, Wimmer became a dominant force in racing series throughout the Midwest claiming several local and regional championships. In 1997, he was Rookie of the Year in the Hooter's Cup Late Model Series. Wimmer really began to draw the attention of NASCAR team owners when he finished second in Rookie of the Year points in the ASA series and won consecutive races at Lanier National Speedway and Hickory Motor Speedway.
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    #22 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Dodge and Sponsored by Caterpillar driven by Scott Wimmer
    Car Information
    Car Number: #22
    Driver: Scott Wimmer
    Sponsored by:
    Owner: Bill Davis
    Crew Chief:
    Frank Stoddard
    Car Make: Dodge

    Car #22 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
    2004Scott Wimmer26248527012$3,021,650
    2003Scott Wimmer484174001$479,504
    2003Ward Burton21323032004$3,500,160
    2002Ward Burton25336236238$4,849,880
    2001Ward Burton143846361610$3,293,600
    2000Ward Burton104152341417$2,385,330
    1999Ward Burton94062340616$2,115,824
    1998Ward Burton16335233015$1,396,633
    1997Ward Burton24298731007$977,044
    1996Ward Burton33241127004$873,619
    1995Ward Burton2210799134$597,855
    1995Jimmy Hensley443445000$161,025
    1995Wally Dallenbach501751011$63,900
    1995Randy LaJoie40109013000$279,345
    1994Bobby Labonte21303831012$512,005
    1993Bobby Labonte19322130006$353,575
    1992Sterling Marlin103603290613$540,615
    1991Sterling Marlin73839290716$474,235
    1990Rick Mast313344000$109,195
    1990Rick Ware97551000$2,295
    1989Grant Adcox512823000$11,815
    1989Rob Moroso61791000$4,725
    1988Rodney Combs35431000$47,650
    1988Rob Moroso55701000$5,750
    1988Steve Moore512313000$18,790
    1988Lennie Pond9301000$2,375
    1987Bobby Allison93525291413$458,825
    1986Bobby Allison73698291615$388,040
    1985Bobby Allison123312280711$235,505
    1984Bobby Allison640943021319$591,325
    1983Bobby Allison146673061825$613,700
    1982Marty Robbins791162000$2,055
    1981Stan Barrett3684210001$28,540
    1980Ricky Rudd343703012$50,500
    1979Richard White542643000$4,180
    1979Al Rudd Jr.13801000$740
    1979Darrell Waltrip21561001$450,870
    1979Kevin Housby931151000$3,190
    1978Ricky Rudd31126013004$49,610
    1977Ricky Rudd172810250110$54,956
    1976Ricky Rudd534074001$7,175
    1976John Hamson107671000$790
    1975John Harkins12901000$800  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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