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Driver: Matt Kenseth Biography: Nascar Racing

Matt Kenseth 2005 money earnings are currently $2,819,292.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Matt Kenseth
Born: Mar 10, 1972
Hometown: Cambridge, WI.
Resides: Cambridge, WI.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
  • 9 career victories
  • 2004: Finished eighth in points
  • 2003: NASCAR champion
  • 2002: Led Cup Series with five wins
  • 2000: Rookie of the Year
  • 2000: Won 2000 Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's
  • 1998: Runner-up for Busch Series championship
  • While Cambridge, Wis., native Matt Kenseth is perhaps best known as the final Winston Cup champion, he also has garnered quite a reputation on short tracks. As with most successful drivers, Kenseth's family introduced him to racing. His father, Roy, made him a deal when he turned 13. Roy bought a racecar and said he would race it if Matt would work on it. Then, when Matt turned 16, he would turn the keys over to his son. That day finally arrived in 1988, and Matt entered his first stock car race. Two races later, Kenseth had his first feature-event victory. By the time Matt was 19, he had moved up to the competitive Wisconsin late model circuit, where he became the youngest ARTGO Challenge Series winner in history, a record that was held previously by his Roush Racing teammate, Mark Martin. In a three-year span, Kenseth garnered 46 super-late model victories, including the Alan Kulwicki Memorial Race and track championships at Madison International Speedway and Wisconsin International Raceway. He also became the youngest winner of the Miller Genuine Draft National Championship.
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    #17 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Ford and Sponsored by DeWalt Power Tools driven by Matt Kenseth
    Matt Kenseth Driver of #17 Ford  Car for Roush Racing Sponsored by DeWalt Power Tools
    Matt Kenseth
    Nascar Driver
    Car Information
    Car Number: #17
    Driver: Matt Kenseth
    Sponsored by:
    DeWalt Power Tools
    Owner: Mark Martin
    Crew Chief:
    Robbie Reiser
    Car Make: Ford

    Car #17 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
    2004Matt Kenseth43507272816$5,207,260
    2003Matt Kenseth150223611125$4,038,120
    2002Matt Kenseth844323651119$3,888,850
    2001Matt Kenseth13398236049$2,265,840
    2000Matt Kenseth143711341411$2,150,760
    1999Matt Kenseth494345011$143,561
    1998Ron Hornaday601211000$27,850
    1998Darrell Waltrip243906000$998,530
    1997Darrell Waltrip26294231014$946,179
    1996Darrell Waltrip29265731002$740,185
    1995Darrell Waltrip19307831048$749,995
    1994Darrell Waltrip93688310413$666,675
    1993Darrell Waltrip133479300410$643,285
    1992Darrell Waltrip936592931013$773,900
    1991Darrell Waltrip83711292517$428,330
    1990Darrell Waltrip203013230512$435,907
    1990Greg Sacks323513011$190,348
    1990Sarel Van Der Merwe78911000$12,070
    1990Jimmy Horton362362000$69,875
    1989Darrell Waltrip439712961418$949,535
    1988Darrell Waltrip737642921014$608,885
    1987Darrell Waltrip43911291616$293,770
    1986Eddie Bierschwale249099000$97,110
    1986Jim Hull99941000$5,390
    1986Pancho Carter385026000$56,355
    1986Doug Heveron3586510000$74,030
    1986Phil Parsons271492000$83,680
    1985Phil Parsons21142314001$105,060
    1985Ken Ragan482776000$35,995
    1985Lennie Pond336867000$70,640
    1985Bosco Lowe10301000$6,825
    1984Lake Speed261122000$98,320
    1984Clark Dwyer23182820000$114,335
    1984Morgan Shepherd285586000$59,670
    1983Sterling Marlin18298030001$119,375
    1982Lake Speed20281329005$109,410
    1982Lowell Cowell391211000$26,215
    1981Lake Speed181151000$84,210
    1981John Anderson11002000$7,800
    1981Tommy Houston523157000$20,760
    1981Lowell Cowell571763000$8,055
    1981Mike Potter92796000$14,500
    1981Steve Pfeifer8601000$4,063
    1981Roger Hamby90821000$2,450
    1981Steve Spencer781032000$5,805
    1981Glenn Jarrett602763000$12,650
    1981Harry Gant31181000$233,815
    1980Glenn Jarrett11401000$4,435
    1980Roger Hamby20260626000$43,940
    1980Don Whittington461151000$18,885
    1979Steve Pfeifer851342000$4,220
    1979Bill Elliott286635012$56,580
    1979Roger Hamby31123113000$21,000
    1979Skip Manning921162000$5,880
    1979Harry Goularte106941000$1,460
    1978Roger Hamby21252925002$40,565
    1978Harry Goularte771061000$1,975
    1977Roger Hamby12102000$2,275
    1977Harry Goularte911001000$900
    1976Gordon Johncock13001000$870
    1975Darrell Waltrip72281171810$82,170  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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