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Driver: Johnny Miller Biography: Nascar Racing

Looking for information on NASCAR driver Johnny Miller? Would you like to know about Johnny Miller sponsors? Interested in the car Johnny Miller drives? Here you will find Johnny Miller's biography (bio). Find the latest news for Johnny Miller. If you are looking for collectable memorabilia for Johnny Miller then please visit our Johnny Miller memorabila website.
Quick Stats
Johnny Miller
Born: Born December 25, 1965
Hometown: Johnson City, Tenn.
Resides: Johnson City, Tenn.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

1994 1 0 0 0
1995 1 0 0 0
1996 14 0 0 1
1997 13 0 1 10
1998 13 0 7 11
1999 13 0 7 9
2000 12 1 4 5
2001 11 0 7 11
2002 12 0 6 11
2003 10 1 8 9
TOTALS 100 2 40 67
  • 2002: After coming off of an incredibly successful season in 2001, Johnny Miller, one of the premier drivers in the Trans-Am series, teamed up with Paul Gentilozzi and the Rocketsports racing team again for his seventh full season of Trans-Am competition. Johnny qualified 6 out of the 12 races in the fast 5, and collected 3 podium finishes on the way to finish 4th in the Drivers championship. Johnny Miller was a major contributor in winning the "Team Excellence" award for the best team/sponsor, presentation and appearance, public relations, and marketing for Rocketsports Racing
  • 2001: Finishing a career high of 3rd in the Drivers Championship with 5 podium finishes at Long Beach, Mosport, Detroit, Cleveland and Road America. Qualified in the "Fast Five", five of the eleven races and led the point's championship for three events early in the season.. Completed every single race lap available (a team first) and won the Owners Championship for Paul Gentilozzi/Rocketsports for having the best presentation of team, driver and crew along with the best public relations etc.. This consistent up front finishing helped bring the Trans-Am Manufacturers championship to Jaguar and the chassis constructors championship to Rocketsports Racing.
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    #6 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Ford and Sponsored by Pfizer/Batman driven by Johnny Miller
  • Car Information
    Car Number: #6
    Driver: Johnny Miller
    Sponsored by:
    Owner: Jack Roush
    Crew Chief:
    Pat Tryson
    Car Make: Ford

    Car #6 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5 Top 10Winnings
    2004Mark Martin73337271712$2,936,200
    2003Mark Martin173769360510$4,048,850
    2002Mark Martin247623611222$5,279,400
    2001Mark Martin124095360315$3,487,720
    2000Mark Martin844103411320$2,763,540
    1999Mark Martin349433421926$2,783,296
    1998Mark Martin249643372226$3,279,370
    1997Mark Martin346813241624$1,877,139
    1996Mark Martin542783101423$1,887,396
    1995Mark Martin443203141322$1,499,470
    1994Mark Martin242503121520$1,054,240
    1993Mark Martin341503051219$1,151,890
    1992Mark Martin638872921017$807,505
    1991Mark Martin639142911417$805,105
    1990Mark Martin244042931623$803,095
    1989Mark Martin340532911418$622,788
    1988Mark Martin153142290310$189,400
    1987Ernie Irvan521063000$23,050
    1987Connie Saylor413496000$59,455
    1987Rick Knoop82913000$17,375
    1987D.k. Ulrich406257000$30,915
    1987Ron Esau11201000$4,165
    1987Bobby Baker81941000$3,500
    1987Trevor Boys56941000$58,240
    1986D.k. Ulrich3780410000$47,795
    1986Joe Booher711792000$8,930
    1986Rick Knoop951031000$6,995
    1986Jim Sauter3901000$52,020
    1986Richard Petty14491000$235,405
    1986Trevor Boys347919000$64,645
    1985Eddie Bierschwale24239626000$107,265
    1984Doug Heveron361212000$39,950
    1984Jimmy Ingalls681403000$8,865
    1984Morgan Shepherd281792000$59,670
    1984Clark Dwyer233494000$114,335
    1984Connie Saylor43821000$19,675
    1984D.k. Ulrich428109000$31,040
    1984Jim Sauter89523000$18,015
    1983D.k. Ulrich24195717002$85,245
    1983Al Elmore10604000$13,155
    1983Connie Saylor10101000$6,860
    1983Mark Martin301552000$99,655
    1983Jim Sauter69764000$26,910
    1982Terry Herman11001000$4,220
    1982D.k. Ulrich24210621001$78,120
    1982Al Loquasto801155000$14,090
    1982Dr. Bob Jarvis9201000$2,895
    1982Randy Becker10401000$1,640
    1982Stan Barrett97701000$5,585
    1981Bob Senneker11301000$1,975
    1981Joe Ruttman286726003$110,125
    1980Tim Richmond41761000$14,925
    1980Marty Robbins711313000$7,520
    1979Marty Robbins69821000$3,120
    1979Claude Ballott-Lena13302000$2,080
    1979Dick Whalen971061000$950
    1979Connie Saylor761702000$4,435
    1978Ferrel Harris351382002$39,535
    1977Sonny Easley51851000$9,290
    1977Tom Sneva12801000$1,150
    1977Rick Newsom4802000$3,260
    1977Jim Hurtubise591181000$5,110
    1977Harry Gant101731000$1,460
    1976Bobby Isaac116492001$4,190
    1976Neil Castles85491000$1,405
    1975Joey Arrington10101000$1,375  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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