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Driver: Jerry Robertson Biography: Nascar Racing

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Quick Stats
Jerry Robertson
Born: January 27, 1962
Hometown: Arvada, Colorado
Resides: Arvada, Colorado
Primary Series: Busch Series

Career Victories
Year Points Wins Winnings 
1997 243    0    $25,645 
2001 82     0    $16,875 
2003 0      0    $15,050 
2005 603    0    $164,250 
Jerry began his driving career in 1981 when he was 19 years old. His first year in a sportsman car he won "Rookie of the Year" honors and started his trophy collection with an impressive three wins. He followed this up with the Late Model Division "Rookie of the Year" two seasons later. He immediately began to rack up wins against seasoned veterans in the top and toughest division at Colorado National Speedway. The press immediately began writing stories about his "Natural Talent" as a driver.
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#11 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Chevrolet and Sponsored by FedEx driven by Jerry Robertson
Car Information
Car Number: #11
Driver: Jerry Robertson
Sponsored by:
Crew Chief:
Dave Rogers
Car Make: Chevrolet

Car #11 Driver History

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004J.J. Yeley79401000$76,640
2003Geoffrey Bodine70461000$78,150
2003Brett Bodine523085000$383,718
2002Brett Bodine36227632000$1,766,820
2001Brett Bodine30294836002$1,740,530
2000Brett Bodine35214529000$1,020,660
1999Brett Bodine35235132000$1,321,396
1998Brett Bodine25290733000$1,245,173
1997Brett Bodine29271631002$936,694
1996Brett Bodine24281430001$767,716
1995Brett Bodine20298831002$810,541
1994Bill Elliott103617311612$812,260
1993Bill Elliott83774300615$755,050
1992Bill Elliott240682951417$1,197,550
1991Geoffrey Bodine142975251510$570,070
1990Geoffrey Bodine340172931119$767,445
1989Terry Labonte103569292911$565,702
1988Terry Labonte440072911118$520,885
1987Terry Labonte340072911322$558,215
1986Darrell Waltrip241802932122$693,845
1985Darrell Waltrip142922831821$702,298
1984Darrell Waltrip542353071320$639,728
1983Darrell Waltrip246203062225$650,030
1982Darrell Waltrip1448930121720$682,085
1981Darrell Waltrip1488031122125$539,050
1980Cale Yarborough246423161922$432,325
1979Cale Yarborough446043141922$379,515
1978Cale Yarborough1484130102324$422,980
1977Cale Yarborough150003092527$385,576
1976Cale Yarborough146443092223$294,591
1975Cale Yarborough931202631212$126,475  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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