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Driver: Jeremy Mayfield Biography: Nascar Racing

Jeremy Mayfield 2005 money earnings are currently $2,473,628.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Jeremy Mayfield
Born: May 27, 1969
Hometown: Owensboro, KY
Resides: Lake Norman, NC
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
  • 3 career victories
  • 2003: Finished 19th in points
  • 2002: Finished 26th in points
  • 2001: Finished 35th in points
  • 2000: Won at Pocono and Fontana
  • 1998: Won at Pocono
  • Jeremy Mayfield first raced at the age of four in the backyard of his grandmother's house. An eager young Mayfield ground an oval into the yard running laps on his motorcycle. By age 10, Mayfield was racing for real, tooling BMX bikes at a local track in his hometown of Owensboro, Ky. After that, Mayfield assaulted the go-kart scene, sometimes racing up to three nights a week in whatever class he could find. From go-karts, Mayfield hit the street stock division at Kentucky Motor Speedway. When his car was impounded due to his numerous victories (a rule of the division), Mayfield started Late Model racing, occasionally making the trip to run at Nashville. To help make ends meet, he painted the signs at the track and even painted numbers on racecars. Mayfield finally moved to Nashville at age 19, where he went to work as a fabricator at Sadler Racing. His determination eventually paid dividends, as six months into the job, the Sadlers gave Mayfield a Late Model car to race.
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    #19 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Dodge and Sponsored by Dodge Dealers/UAW driven by Jeremy Mayfield
    Car Information
    Car Number: #19
    Driver: Jeremy Mayfield
    Sponsored by:
    Dodge Dealers/UAW
    Owner: Ray Evernham
    Crew Chief:
    Kenny Francis
    Car Make: Dodge

    Car #19 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
    2004Jeremy Mayfield103397281411$3,187,320
    2003Jeremy Mayfield193736360412$2,962,230
    2002Jeremy Mayfield26330936024$2,494,580
    2001Casey Atwood26313235013$1,797,110
    2000Casey Atwood543283001$97,030
    1999Tom Hubert561432000$74,120
    1998Tom Hubert61401000$42,430
    1997Gary Bradberry444198000$251,930
    1997Loy Allen581192000$75,239
    1996Loy Allen456039000$130,667
    1996Mike Wallace41761000$169,082
    1996Dick Trickle367828001$404,927
    1995Loy Allen, Jr415147001$175,670
    1995Ernie Cope71311000$8,605
    1995Phil Parsons60772000$41,450
    1994Loy Allen, Jr39146819000$215,751
    1993Chad Little52641000$39,340
    1991Chad Little27267828001$174,440
    1990Chad Little33153217000$75,140
    1989Bill Ingram75851000$3,875
    1989Ronnie Sanders78791000$12,570
    1988Chad Little454054000$14,225
    1987Derrike Cope3769410000$30,750
    1986Mike Skinner592643000$4,255
    1983Bobby Gerhart821102000$2,550
    1983Steve Gray871002000$3,525
    1983J.D. McDuffie26551000$73,425
    1982Dick May5402000$16,810
    1982Charlie Baker11203000$5,235
    1982Benny Parsons18791000$237,860
    1982Dennis Devea11601000$1,670
    1982Steve Gray90821000$1,250
    1982John Anderson831033000$11,855
    1981Dick May382433000$26,380
    1981Cecil Gordon23821000$55,230
    1981Bill Dennis811001000$3,200
    1981Ronnie Sanders761091000$7,635
    1980Cecil Gordon15881000$75,740
    1980Dick May354286001$42,945
    1980James Hylton131001000$96,210
    1980John Anderson246348000$48,265
    1980Steve Spencer12003000$2,050
    1980John A. Utsman761031000$4,035
    1980J.D. McDuffie16821000$78,095
    1980Vince Giamformaggio911031000$2,260
    1979Vince Giamformaggio751762000$4,295
    1979Glenn Jarrett119671000$2,745
    1979Cecil Gordon191762000$62,210
    1979Dick May307979000$25,595
    1979Lennie Pond294705000$31,220
    1979Bob Burcham662122000$6,565
    1979Steve Gray128461000$1,305
    1979Steve Spencer592302000$2,270
    1979Billy Hagan951121000$3,280
    1979Bill Dennis712002000$12,675
    1979Joe Fields991031000$1,385
    1978Dick May15181218000$58,625
    1978Elmo Langley671282000$2,765
    1978Bill Dennis108521000$1,560
    1978Joey Arrington611762000$2,790
    1978Bob Burcham89971000$2,790
    1978Joe Booher60971000$3,205
    1978Frank Warren14941000$58,480
    1978Woody Fisher682373000$4,145
    1977Bob Burcham701992001$13,825
    1977Dick May276456000$21,690
    1977Dale Earnhardt118491000$1,375
    1977Bobby Wawak45971000$13,430
    1977Henley Gray28104712000$18,610
    1977Dave Marcis251271000$69,955
    1976Dick May25521000$29,425
    1976Frank Warren16971000$61,515
    1976Bill Dennis941001000$1,385
    1976Henley Gray27137014000$15,090
    1976Tommy Gale33761000$18,955
    1976Cecil Gordon151031000$63,155
    1976Ed Negre191402000$47,560
    1975Bob Burcham572032000$6,525
    1975Henley Gray386057001$9,300
    1975Jabe Thomas221151000$21,640
    1975Dick May41941000$10,275  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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