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Driver: Jeff Gordon Biography: Nascar Racing

Jeff Gordon 2005 money earnings are currently $4,333,583.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Jeff Gordon
Born: Aug 04, 1971
Hometown: Charlotte, NC.
Resides: Mooresville, NC.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
  • 69 career victories
  • 4-time NASCAR champion
  • 2004: Finished third in points
  • 2003: Finished fourth in points
  • 2001: NASCAR champion
  • 1999: Daytona 500 winner
  • 1998: NASCAR champion
  • 1997: NASCAR champion
  • 1997: Daytona 500 winner
  • 1995: NASCAR champion
  • It’s not often that someone’s career path is decided at age five –- unless your name happens to be Jeff Gordon. In 1977, long before Gordon became a four-time NASCAR champion, Gordon stepped behind the wheel of his first quarter midget at the urging of his stepfather, John Bickford. Bickford remembered Gordon’s first few laps at the makeshift racetrack in Vallejo, Calif. as less than stellar. “He slipped around the track for days getting used to the car and how to drive it,” he said. Not long after that, Gordon, barely school age, started turning heads. At the age of six, he won 35 main events en route to the Western States Championship. He won his first Grand National Championship in 1979. A year later, Gordon took 50 fastest time awards and 46 race wins in 50 events.
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    #24 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Chevrolet and Sponsored by DuPont driven by Jeff Gordon
    Jeff Gordon Driver of #24 Chevrolet  Car for Hendrick Motorsports Sponsored by DuPont
    Jeff Gordon
    Nascar Driver
    Car Information
    Car Number: #24
    Driver: Jeff Gordon
    Sponsored by:
    Owner: Hendrick Motorsports
    Crew Chief:
    Robbie Loomis
    Car Make: Chevrolet

    Car #24 Driver History

    YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
    2004Jeff Gordon337532751119$5,108,250
    2003Jeff Gordon447853631520$5,107,760
    2002Jeff Gordon446073631320$4,981,170
    2001Jeff Gordon151123661824$6,649,080
    2000Jeff Gordon944613431122$2,703,590
    1999Jeff Gordon646203471821$5,281,361
    1998Jeff Gordon1532833132628$6,175,867
    1997Jeff Gordon1471032102223$4,201,227
    1996Jeff Gordon2462031102124$3,428,485
    1995Jeff Gordon146143171723$2,088,460
    1994Jeff Gordon83776312714$1,507,010
    1993Jeff Gordon143447300711$623,855
    1992Jeff Gordon81701000$6,285
    1992>Butch Gilliland651252000$10,990
    1991Kenny Wallace441983000$40,325
    1991Jimmy Hensley414884001$32,125
    1991Dick Trickle355876001$117,125
    1991Dorsey Schroeder591171000$11,945
    1991Mickey Gibbs34140115000$98,260
    1990Butch Gilliland85791000$4,200
    1989Johnny Mcfadden641132000$5,280
    1988Gary Collins80641000$2,525
    1986Buddie Boys98952000$2,480
    1985Trevor Boys28431000$76,325
    1984Buddie Boys85701000$1,055
    1983Cecil Gordon415647000$15,690
    1983Jim Vandiver11002000$4,810
    1983Morgan Shepherd20851000$254,035
    1982Cecil Gordon821124000$13,920
    1982J.D. McDuffie191181000$106,700
    1982John Anderson8301000$11,855
    1982Lennie Pond3375610001$45,715
    1982Tony Bettenhausen11701000$3,215
    1982Dick May5401000$16,810
    1982Ronnie Thomas301882000$23,570
    1981Morgan Shepherd138457002$155,785
    1981Cecil Gordon23173418000$55,230
    1981Jimmy Hensley10701001$4,650
    1981Steve Spencer7801000$5,805
    1981Lennie Pond3401000$29,045
    1980Cecil Gordon15274426003$75,740
    1980Lake Speed22761000$69,670
    1979Cecil Gordon19256126000$62,210
    1979Larry Isley104971000$925
    1979D.k. Ulrich121151000$99,985
    1978Cecil Gordon19255625001$47,260
    1978Junior Miller721181000$2,110
    1977Cecil Gordon10329430002$73,635
    1976Cecil Gordon15302628005$63,155
    1975Cecil Gordon63702300716$63,485  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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