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Driver: Hermie Sadler Biography: Nascar Racing

Hermie Sadler 2005 money earnings are currently $664,700.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Hermie Sadler
Born: 4-24-69
Hometown: Emporia, Virginia USA
Resides: Emporia, Virginia USA
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories
While Hermie Sadler's brother, Cup Series star Elliott Sadler, may get more attention now, it wasn't always that way. After their father, Herman, started each of their racing careers in their hometown of Emporia, Va., it was Hermie who was setting the pace for Elliott to follow. "I was a few years ahead of him and I started with go-kart racing, and then helped him start," said Hermie. "Then I started in Late Model Stocks, and we later built a car for him and helped him get started there. "When he started running in the Busch Series, we prepared one of my cars and let him get some seat time there. So, we've kinda done things together more so than competing-wise and we try to keep it." Hermie was making a name for himself in the NASCAR Winston Racing Series at South Boston (Va.) and Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, N.C.
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#66 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Ford and Sponsored by M&M's driven by Hermie Sadler
Car Information
Car Number: #66
Driver: Hermie Sadler
Sponsored by:
Crew Chief:
Todd Parrott
Car Make: Ford

Car #66 Driver History

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2003Hideo Fukuyama63982000$115,229
2002Hideo Fukuyama72802000$79,005
2002Geoffrey Bodine4301000$1,224,500
2002Todd Bodine382183000$1,879,770
2001Todd Bodine29296035022$1,740,310
2000Darrell Waltrip36198129000$1,246,280
1999Darrell Waltrip37215827000$973,133
1995Ben Hess59791000$35,785
1993Mike Wallace462703000$30,125
1993Derrike Cope26811000$395,015
1992Jimmy Hensley28241022004$213,735
1992Bobby Hillin, Jr34881000$97,330
1992>Chad Little314896000$135,775
1991Randy LaJoie502283000$23,875
1991Dorsey Schroeder59401000$11,945
1991Chuck Bown76851000$5,225
1991Lake Speed32174220000$147,400
1991Dick Trickle354034000$117,125
1990Dick Trickle22286329024$293,400
1989Rick Mast35131513001$115,502
1988Bob Schacht7001000$5,170
1988John Krebs73881000$1,600
1988Derrike Cope31761000$120,435
1987John Krebs90761000$1,125
1987Tom Sneva89761000$11,135
1986Phil Parsons27159315015$83,680
1985Phil Parsons21131714003$105,060
1984Phil Parsons24229023003$87,800
1983Ron Esau841072000$1,575
1983Phil Parsons434585000$23,850
1982Jim Lee681552000$1,760
1982Mike Potter98642000$3,535
1982Lowell Cowell394334000$26,215
1982Lake Speed20401000$109,410
1981Lake Speed18270526006$84,210
1981Elmo Langley95761000$575
1980Lake Speed22120811003$69,670
1978Harry Gant53401000$14,150
1975Terry Link121221000$595  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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