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Driver: Eric McClure Biography: Nascar Racing

Eric McClure 2005 money earnings are currently $77,050.00

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Quick Stats
2005 Earnings

Eric McClure
Born: 12/11/1978
Hometown: Chilhowie, Va
Resides: Abingdon, Va.
Primary Series: Nextel Cup

Career Victories

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#73 Nascar Auto Racing Car made by Chevrolet and Sponsored by ARC Dehooker driven by Eric McClure
Car Information
Car Number: #73
Driver: Eric McClure
Sponsored by:
ARC Dehooker
Crew Chief:
Tim Brewer
Car Make: Chevrolet

Car #73 Driver History

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2002Tony Raines51701000$326,042
1998Mike Wallace62941000$86,105
1997Joe Nemechek28270829003$732,194
1993Bill Schmitt77701000$6,815
1992Bill Schmitt63641000$13,095
1992Phil Barkdoll551912000$33,255
1991Bill Schmitt571762000$10,605
1991Phil Barkdoll463644000$41,655
1990Bill Schmitt592122000$11,525
1990Phil Barkdoll641893000$24,160
1989Bill Schmitt74852000$7,920
1989Phil Barkdoll453784000$26,950
1988Joe Ruttman39402000$46,455
1988Phil Barkdoll522103000$17,145
1988Bill Schmitt571271000$6,245
1987Bill Schmitt761192000$2,500
1987Phil Barkdoll99581000$3,150
1986Bill Schmitt622302000$7,840
1986Phil Barkdoll103842000$6,045
1985Bill Schmitt611792000$5,640
1984Bill Schmitt591702000$5,270
1984Steve Moore601672000$5,095
1983Bill Schmitt68431000$4,520
1983Steve Moore661912000$5,215
1982Bill Schmitt631912000$2,210
1982Steve Moore582304000$6,623
1981Bill Schmitt533143000$6,610
1980Bill Schmitt425034011$21,610
1980Steve Moore474124000$9,040
1980Ferrel Harris11801000$4,025
1979Bill Schmitt503423011$11,695
1979Steve Moore961121000$2,415
1978Bill Schmitt523303001$9,430
1978Steve Moore91821000$1,590
1977Bill Schmitt652193000$3,285
1976Bill Schmitt722192001$3,360
1976David Hobbs108661000$3,030
1975Bill Schmitt603153001$3,970  © 1998-2019 Privacy Policy
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