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Nextel Cup Series - Car #97 Driven by Kurt Busch

Looking for information on NASCAR car #97 driven by Kurt Busch? Would you like to know about car #97 and its sponsor IRWIN Industrial Tools/Sharpie? Interested in finding out more the history of NASCAR car #97. Find the latest news for Kurt Busch. If you are looking for collectable memorabilia for Kurt Busch or car #97 then please visit our Kurt Busch memorabila website.
Kurt Busch
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Georgetta Roush
Pit Crew:
Roush Racing
Crew Chief:
Jimmy Fennig
IRWIN Industrial Tools/Sharpie
Car 97 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Kurt Busch and Sponsored by IRWIN Industrial Tools/Sharpie

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Kurt Busch23499273513$3,184,030
2003Kurt Busch114150364914$5,020,480
2002Kurt Busch346413641220$3,723,650
2001Kurt Busch27308135036$2,170,630
2000Kurt Busch486137000$311,915
2000Chad Little32263427001$1,418,880
1999Chad Little23319334005$1,585,976
1998Chad Little15342332017$1,321,786
1997Chad Little36208127001$555,914
1996Chad Little443475000$164,752
1995Chad Little531462000$20,425
1994Jeff Green511091000$20,270
1994Chad Little68811000$30,805
1992Hut Stricklin27701000$299,150
1991Geoffrey Bodine143022012$570,070
1991Tommy Ellis701002000$13,250
1990Chuck Bown502763000$10,150
1988Tommy Ellis91372000$3,125
1988Joe Ruttman3901000$46,455
1988Rodney Combs35120517000$47,650
1988Morgan Shepherd293083001$169,775
1987D Wayne Strout86851000$1,700
1984Dean Combs3990312000$22,385
1983Dean Combs422092001$12,275
1983Ken Ragan351121000$27,905
1982Bob Schacht522973000$2,880
1981Bob Schacht701402000$1,290
1980Eddie Dickerson73971000$1,590
1980Bill Osborne89521000$1,075
1978Ralph Jones406347000$6,305
1977Bill Osborne12501000$1,350
1975Red Farmer99832000$1,875
1975Salt Walther12601000$1,830
1975Jackie Rogers4601000$11,000
1975Harry Jefferson472052001$11,395
1975Bob Burcham571241000$6,525

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