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Nextel Cup Series - Car #7 Driven by Robby Gordon

Looking for information on NASCAR car #7 driven by Robby Gordon? Would you like to know about car #7 and its sponsor Jim Beam? Interested in finding out more the history of NASCAR car #7. Find the latest news for Robby Gordon. If you are looking for collectable memorabilia for Robby Gordon or car #7 then please visit our Robby Gordon memorabila website.
Robby Gordon
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
James Smith
Pit Crew:
Robby Gordon Motorsports
Crew Chief:
Bob Temple
Jim Beam
Car 7 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Robby Gordon and Sponsored by Jim Beam

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Dave Blaney36431000$1,373,550
2004Jimmy Spencer35911000$1,678,180
2003Jimmy Spencer29314735014$2,565,800
2003Ted Musgrave68701000$63,715
2002Jason Leffler631282000$78,500
2002Casey Atwood35256934000$1,988,250
2001Kevin Lepage367858001$1,424,850
2001Mike Wallace34185621004$2,075,040
2001Robby Gordon442332011$1,371,900
2001Ted Musgrave64761000$73,287
2000Michael Waltrip27279734011$1,689,420
1999Michael Waltrip29297434013$1,701,160
1998Geoffrey Bodine27286432015$1,247,255
1997Geoffrey Bodine223046290310$1,021,114
1997Todd Bodine52371000$125,845
1996Geoffrey Bodine17321831126$1,031,762
1995Geoffrey Bodine16335731014$894,505
1994Geoffrey Bodine173297313710$886,238
1993Geoffrey Bodine166077001$711,480
1993Jimmy Hensley32159315002$350,150
1993Tommy Kendall541852000$32,190
1993Alan Kulwicki416255023$153,470
1992Alan Kulwicki140782921117$907,510
1991Alan Kulwicki133354291411$518,645
1990Alan Kulwicki83599291513$403,662
1989Alan Kulwicki14323629059$425,500
1988Alan Kulwicki14317629179$364,190
1987Alan Kulwicki15323829039$284,375
1986Kyle Petty103537291414$352,375
1985Kyle Petty93523280712$248,590
1984Kyle Petty16315930016$313,190
1983Kyle Petty13326130002$141,291
1982Jeff Mcduffie811151000$1,005
1981Bruce Hill431402000$15,485
1980Lake Speed225697002$69,670
1980Ricky Rudd346417001$50,500
1980Dick Brooks27156416023$60,700
1979Al Holbert454026001$14,170
1979Earl Brooks13401000$405
1978Harry Goularte77641000$1,975
1978Ed Negre28761000$28,245
1978Joey Arrington61971000$2,790
1977Dean Dalton433205000$6,255
1976Jack Donohue652613000$2,680
1976Frank Warren161211000$61,515
1976Dean Dalton426336000$7,245
1976Cecil Gordon151181000$63,155
1976Ed Negre19521000$47,560
1976D.k. Ulrich141151000$59,760
1976Larry Esau871241000$1,745
1975Dean Dalton26130012003$18,680
1975Frank Warren121271000$33,655
1975Walter Ballard111241000$34,430
1975Ivan Baldwin841162000$1,040
1975Ed Negre171912000$35,090

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