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Nextel Cup Series - Car #38 Driven by Elliott Sadler

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Elliott Sadler
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Robert Yates
Pit Crew:
Robert Yates Racing
Crew Chief:
Todd Parrott
Car 38 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Elliott Sadler and Sponsored by M&M's

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Elliott Sadler63463272712$4,067,960
2003Elliott Sadler22352536029$3,660,170
2002Kevin Lepage62772000$173,787
1999Butch Gilliland68341000$25,415
1997Butch Gilliland60911000$21,410
1996Rich Woodland64521000$10,095
1995Butch Gilliland69371000$9,760
1993Bobby Hamilton372402001$142,740
1992Jimmy Horton39971000$46,175
1990Dick Johnson631893000$8,950
1990Jim Sauter58911000$11,875
1989Dick Johnson473224000$11,515
1986John Krebs871222000$2,075
1986Mike Laws791612000$3,095
1986Joe Fields12701000$875
1985Alan Kulwicki403033000$10,290
1985Morgan Shepherd311241000$55,985
1984Joe Ruttman18431000$140,150
1984Phil Barkdoll651462000$5,075
1984Morgan Shepherd28971000$59,670
1983Don Waterman641912000$3,355
1983Laurent Rioux10702000$2,555
1982Don Waterman611992000$3,805
1982Jerry Bowman12101000$765
1981Don Waterman503513001$8,570
1981John Anderson11001000$7,800
1981Sandy Satullo100701000$1,500
1980Don Waterman741912000$3,555
1979Sandy Satullo781552000$2,360
1976Jimmy Insolo613073012$12,105
1976Tom Williams115521000$1,615
1975Jimmy Insolo552973001$5,640
1975Grant Adcox33611000$16,540
1975Walter Ballard11701000$34,430
1975Tom Williams12801000$2,815

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