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Nextel Cup Series - Car #32 Driven by Ricky Craven

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Ricky Craven
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Calvin Wells
Pit Crew:
PPI Motorsports
Crew Chief:
Mike Beam
Car 32 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Ricky Craven and Sponsored by Tide

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Ricky Craven34201325000$2,275,010
2004Bobby Hamilton Jr.441792000$554,145
2003Ricky Craven27333436138$3,116,210
2002Ricky Craven15388836039$2,493,720
2001Ricky Craven21337936147$1,923,980
2000Scott Pruett37192928001$1,135,850
1999Mike Wallace53911000$135,261
1995Greg Sacks393186000$308,320
1995Michael Ritch62611000$12,655
1995Ed Berrier571031000$15,460
1995Chuck Bown436189000$97,795
1995Jimmy Hensley44922000$161,025
1994Dick Trickle34201925001$240,406
1993Jimmy Horton3884113000$113,305
1992Jimmy Horton395638000$46,175
1990Joe Ruttman81851000$22,950
1988Lee Faulk6601000$9,320
1988Philip Duffie78761000$2,540
1988Ruben Garcia89461000$3,380
1987Ruben Garcia711522000$4,180
1987Jonathan Edwards791102000$3,055
1986Ruben Garcia731702000$4,530
1986Eddie Bierschwale24811000$97,110
1986Jim Sauter39401000$52,020
1986Alan Kulwicki211181000$83,450
1985Ruben Garcia562152000$6,525
1985Alan Kulwicki402062000$10,290
1985Tommy Houston92551000$1,645
1985Jonathan Edwards671001000$3,220
1984Ruben Garcia701312000$1,885
1983Butch Lindley56881000$3,535
1983Tommy Ellis801181000$4,350
1983Bosco Lowe100461000$5,350
1982Bosco Lowe11101000$3,900
1982Dr. Bob Jarvis92791000$2,895
1980Jim Ingram871181000$1,435
1979Jimmy Finger642133000$5,020
1978Ray Elder662543001$5,305
1977Ray Elder106671000$625
1977Bobby Wawak45371000$13,430
1977Gary Matthews93911000$1,225

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