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Nextel Cup Series - Car #30 Driven by Jeff Burton

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Jeff Burton
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Richard Childress
Pit Crew:
Richard Childress Racing
Crew Chief:
Kevin Hamlin
America Online
Car 30 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Jeff Burton and Sponsored by America Online

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Jeff Burton196275011$2,991,800
2004Dave Blaney367168000$1,373,550
2004Jim Inglebright691061000$70,550
2004Johnny Sauter37121713000$1,164,270
2003Steve Park32199524012$2,686,910
2003Jeff Green3493511001$2,693,530
2002Jeff Green17370436046$2,135,820
2001Jeff Green484017000$441,449
1999Derrike Cope445158000$617,976
1998Derrike Cope37206528000$956,980
1998Jeff Green401121000$589,841
1997Johnny Benson11357532008$1,120,814
1996Johnny Benson21300430016$947,080
1995Michael Waltrip12360131028$802,355
1994Michael Waltrip123512310210$630,730
1993Michael Waltrip17329130005$444,905
1992Michael Waltrip23282529012$339,895
1991Michael Waltrip153254290412$342,605
1990Michael Waltrip163251290510$349,939
1989Michael Waltrip18305729005$215,480
1988Michael Waltrip18285228013$217,555
1987Michael Waltrip20284029001$179,010
1986Willy T Ribbs651432000$3,520
1982Roy Smith471341001$26,770
1980Tighe Scott3979110012$21,925
1979Tighe Scott27187917017$87,260
1978Tighe Scott13311029007$75,480
1977Tighe Scott20254325011$57,190
1977Walter Ballard551151000$4,450
1976Terry Bivins21112710003$44,070
1976Tighe Scott455666001$15,520
1976Dale Earnhardt104701000$3,085
1976Walter Ballard268447003$16,380
1976Bruce Hill232432001$43,705
1975Walter Ballard11285127003$34,430
1975Carl Van Horn95941000$855
1975Salt Walther12601000$1,830
1975Bill Champion311001000$11,340

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