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Nextel Cup Series - Car #25 Driven by Brian Vickers

Looking for information on NASCAR car #25 driven by Brian Vickers? Would you like to know about car #25 and its sponsor GMAC Financial Services? Interested in finding out more the history of NASCAR car #25. Find the latest news for Brian Vickers. If you are looking for collectable memorabilia for Brian Vickers or car #25 then please visit our Brian Vickers memorabila website.
Brian Vickers
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Hendrick Motorsports
Pit Crew:
Hendrick Motorsports
Crew Chief:
Peter Sospenzo
GMAC Financial Services
Car 25 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Brian Vickers and Sponsored by GMAC Financial Services

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Brian Vickers25272227003$2,396,160
2003Brian Vickers493154000$263,484
2003Joe Nemechek25302232125$2,560,480
2002Joe Nemechek34202025033$2,453,020
2002Jerry Nadeau3792411001$1,801,760
2001Jerry Nadeau173675360410$2,246,770
2000Jerry Nadeau20327334135$2,038,670
1999Wally Dallenbach18336734016$1,604,968
1997Ricky Craven19310830047$1,139,860
1997Jack Sprague68431000$18,650
1997Todd Bodine52931000$125,845
1996Ken Schrader123540310310$1,089,603
1995Ken Schrader173221310210$773,430
1994Ken Schrader44060310918$779,335
1993Ken Schrader93715300915$739,615
1992Ken Schrader173404290411$548,240
1991Ken Schrader936902921018$584,550
1990Ken Schrader103572290714$529,975
1989Ken Schrader53621281913$702,615
1988Ken Schrader53755281417$484,685
1987Rick Hendrick11501000$1,150
1987Tim Richmond3610638234$111,850
1986Tim Richmond341742971317$657,670
1985Bobby Gerhart454225000$7,400
1984Jerry Churchill87611000$870
1982Jim Reich562402001$4,865
1982Ronnie Thomas3078612000$23,570
1981Ronnie Thomas26198621000$52,855
1981Joe Booher8201000$4,995
1981Charlie Chamblee11501000$830
1981Dick May381381001$26,380
1980Ronnie Thomas14306630004$82,010
1979Ronnie Thomas17279129003$92,950
1978Ronnie Thomas18273327002$59,260
1977Joe Ruttman861241000$2,035
1977Ronnie Thomas533314000$4,590
1977Ferrel Harris32108811000$19,365
1977Dean Dalton431001000$6,255
1977Dick May271121000$21,690
1977Terry Bivins384094000$14,920
1976Dick May25135413000$29,425
1976Jabe Thomas406486000$6,160
1976D.k. Ulrich141031000$59,760
1976Earl Brooks631031000$5,225
1975Jabe Thomas22204919002$21,640
1975Earl Brooks43971000$4,900

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