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Nextel Cup Series - Car #18 Driven by Bobby Labonte

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Bobby Labonte
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Joe Gibbs
Pit Crew:
Joe Gibbs Racing
Crew Chief:
Brandon Thomas
Wellbutrin XL
Car 18 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Bobby Labonte and Sponsored by Wellbutrin XL

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Bobby Labonte14324627059$3,584,450
2003Bobby Labonte843773621217$4,745,260
2002Bobby Labonte16381036157$3,851,770
2001Bobby Labonte64561362920$4,139,850
2000Bobby Labonte151303441924$4,041,750
1999Bobby Labonte250613452326$3,550,341
1998Bobby Labonte641803321118$2,648,970
1997Bobby Labonte74101321918$1,943,239
1996Bobby Labonte113590311514$1,475,196
1995Bobby Labonte103718313714$1,225,200
1994Dale Jarrett16329830149$780,405
1993Dale Jarrett440003011318$945,825
1992Dale Jarrett19325129028$363,355
1991Greg Sacks39371000$64,215
1990Greg Sacks32126012013$190,348
1990Stan Barrett741121000$3,850
1990Hut Stricklin28521000$155,049
1989Brad Teague6501000$4,830
1989Rick Jeffrey82731000$3,125
1989Tommy Kendall9901000$3,015
1989Ron Esau8901000$8,670
1988Rick Hendrick641181000$2,550
1987Dale Jarrett26184024002$132,655
1987Tommy Ellis582043000$16,535
1987Bobby Hillin, Jr191301000$311,295
1986Glen Steurer612492001$10,755
1986Tommy Ellis23239324003$77,310
1985Glen Steurer512602000$6,850
1985Tommy Ellis34110014001$27,695
1984Slick Johnson10901000$1,495
1983Joe Booher11401000$935
1983Don Satterfield10903000$2,555
1983Slick Johnson387059000$13,665
1982Donnie Allison411913000$38,180
1981Randy Ogden483674000$3,905
1980Randy Ogden722044000$3,195
1980Donnie Allison26701000$82,640
1979Randy Ogden13503000$2,465
1978Ed Negre281001000$28,245
1978Joe Frasson455335000$8,560
1978James Hylton2602000$47,295
1977John Dineen851241000$1,400
1977Joe Frasson94911000$2,050
1976Joe Frasson397079001$12,075
1976Buck Baker48551000$12,655
1976John Dineen96971000$1,040
1976Harry Gant841381001$5,430
1975Joe Frasson378609001$10,710

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