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Nextel Cup Series - Car #12 Driven by Ryan Newman

Looking for information on NASCAR car #12 driven by Ryan Newman? Would you like to know about car #12 and its sponsor Justice League/ALLTEL? Interested in finding out more the history of NASCAR car #12. Find the latest news for Ryan Newman. If you are looking for collectable memorabilia for Ryan Newman or car #12 then please visit our Ryan Newman memorabila website.
Ryan Newman
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Roger Penske
Pit Crew:
Penske Racing
Crew Chief:
Matt Borland
Justice League/ALLTEL
Car 12 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Ryan Newman and Sponsored by Justice League/ALLTEL

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2004Ryan Newman93255271811$3,925,500
2003Ryan Newman647113681722$4,827,380
2002Ryan Newman645933611422$4,373,830
2001Mike Wallace348378012$2,075,040
2001Jeremy Mayfield35265128057$2,682,600
2000Jeremy Mayfield243181322612$2,090,500
2000Tom Hubert65641000$33,175
1999Jeremy Mayfield113743340512$1,944,589
1998Jeremy Mayfield741573311216$1,970,521
1997Jeff Purvis571523000$80,526
1996Derrike Cope35237429003$675,781
1995Derrike Cope15338431028$593,940
1994Derrike Cope30119412002$396,436
1994Tim Steele522335000$65,000
1994Chuck Bown42121113001$223,660
1993Jimmy Spencer123496300510$583,700
1992Jimmy Spencer336054033$176,085
1992Jeff Purvis443164000$45,545
1992Hut Stricklin27210621004$299,150
1991Hut Stricklin16319929037$346,030
1990Hut Stricklin28214521002$155,049
1990Jeff Purvis5601000$14,370
1990Mike Alexander386827000$41,080
1988Mike Alexander32181316026$191,620
1988Bobby Allison33165413136$373,795
1987Trevor Boys561004000$58,240
1987Rodney Combs3501000$79,990
1987Larry Pollard10804000$19,130
1987Slick Johnson425507000$37,630
1987Larry Caudill11101000$4,725
1987Brad Teague5301000$15,045
1987Jeff Swindell96611000$5,230
1987Jim Bown92702000$8,850
1987Mark Martin102461000$3,550
1987David Sosebee612253000$25,030
1986Neil Bonnett133369281612$410,120
1986Davey Allison431511001$24,190
1985Neil Bonnett438972821118$433,870
1984Neil Bonnett83797300714$199,300
1983Jimmy Insolo104371000$840
1983Rodney Combs88971000$1,725
1982Tommy Ellis751302000$3,220
1981Buddy Baker2701000$114,345
1981Tim Richmond168718002$84,675
1981David Pearson6901000$17,150
1981Harry Gant34173022$233,815
1981Donnie Allison441883000$27,745
1980Donnie Allison26117613024$82,640
1980Lennie Pond30401000$62,265
1980Buck Simmons434956000$6,365
1979Buck Simmons721972000$3,025
1979Jack Ingram632194000$4,240
1979Butch Lindley114791000$570
1979Lennie Pond297468002$31,220
1979Neil Bonnett261241000$140,735
1979Harry Gant212833001$46,435
1978Richard White553083000$4,505
1978Harry Gant532854001$14,150
1978James Hylton2601000$47,295
1977Bobby Allison83467300515$75,755
1976Neil Bonnett32113013014$31,650
1976Bill Polich74851000$2,155
1975Neil Bonnett12502000$2,205
1975Ted Fritz115641000$620

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