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Nextel Cup Series - Car #07 Driven by Dave Blaney

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Dave Blaney
Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Owner:
Pit Crew:
Richard Childress Racing
Crew Chief:
Philippe Lopez
Jack Daniel's
Car 07 of the Nascar Nextel Cup Series, currently driven by Dave Blaney and Sponsored by Jack Daniel's

YearDriverRankPointsStartsWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
2002Ted Musgrave503734000$283,770
1998Dan Pardus68551000$35,480
1997Sean Woodside64641000$20,905
1996Lance Hooper61641000$9,645
1995Doug George551102000$18,610
1994Geoff Brabham77491000$27,400
1994Robby Gordon76491000$7,965
1988Bill Schmitt57521000$6,245
1988Larry Moyer79671000$2,355
1986Randy LaJoie107761000$1,815
1985Derrike Cope552242000$7,100
1985Randy LaJoie10101000$2,925
1984Derrike Cope57761000$6,500
1982Bill Scott93791000$2,175
1981Gene Thonesen83971000$2,125
1980Jeff Mcduffie533273000$2,700
1977Steve Stolarek116551000$490
1977Steve Moore12201000$2,165

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