Team Directory of the NHL Western Conference - All Teams of the National Hockey League Western Conference

Western Conference

(NHL) National Hockey Leagues Western Conference consists of the North West, Central and Pacific Divisions
National Hockey League (NHL)
(NHL) National Hockey Leagues has 30 teams located in the Western Conference and Eastern Conference.  Conferences consist of the North West, Central, Pacific Divisions, Atlantic, North East and South East Divisions

Eastern Conference

(NHL) National Hockey Leagues Eastern Conference consists of the Atlantic, North East and South East Divisions

NHL Western Conference Teams


NHL Central Division

NHL Central Divisions Chicago Blackhawks are located in Chicago Illinois and play in the United Center Chicago Blackhawks
Located: Chicago, Illinois
Arena: United Center
NHL Central Divisions Columbus Blue Jackets are located in Columbus, Ohio and play in the Nationwide Arena Columbus Blue Jackets
Located: Columbus, Ohio
Arena: Nationwide Arena
NHL Central Divisions Detroit Red Wings are located in Detroit, Michigan and play in the Joe Louis Arena Detroit Red Wings
Located: Detroit, Michigan
Arena: Joe Louis Arena
NHL Central Divisions Nashville Predators are located in Nashville, Tennessee and play in the Gaylord Entertainment Center Nashville Predators
Located: Nashville, Tennessee
Arena: Gaylord Entertainment Center
NHL Central Divisions St. Louis Blues are located in St. Louis, Missouri and play in the Savvis Center St. Louis Blues
Located: St. Louis, Missouri
Arena: Savvis Center

NHL North West Division

NHL North West Divisions Calgary Flames are located in Calgary, Alberta and play in the Pengrowth Saddledome Calgary Flames
Located: Calgary, Alberta
Arena: Pengrowth Saddledome
NHL North West Divisions Colorado Avalanche are located in Denver, Colorado and play in the Pepsi Center Colorado Avalanche
Located: Denver, Colorado
Arena: Pepsi Center
NHL North West Divisions Edmonton Oilers are located in Edmonton, Alberta and play in the Rexall Place Edmonton Oilers
Located: Edmonton, Alberta
Arena: Rexall Place
NHL North West Divisions Minnesota Wild are located in St. Paul, Minnesota and play in the Xcel Energy Center Minnesota Wild
Located: St. Paul, Minnesota
Arena: Xcel Energy Center
NHL North West Divisions Vancouver Canucks are located in Vancouver, British Columbia and play in the General Motors (GM) Place Vancouver Canucks
Located: Vancouver, British Columbia
Arena: General Motors Place

NHL Pacific Division

NHL Pacific Divisions Anaheim Mighty Ducks are located in Anaheim, California and play in the Arrowhead Pond Anaheim Ducks
Located: Anaheim, California
Arena: Arrowhead Pond
NHL Pacific Divisions Dallas Stars are located in Dallas, Texas and play in the American Airlines Center Dallas Stars
Located: Dallas, Texas
Arena: American Airlines Center
NHL Pacific Divisions Los Angeles (L.A.) Kings are located in Los Angeles, California and play in the STAPLES Center Los Angeles Kings
Located: Los Angeles, California
Arena: STAPLES Center
NHL Pacific Divisions Phoenix Coyotes are located in Glendale, Arizona and play in the Glendale Arena Phoenix Coyotes
Located: Glendale, Arizona
Arena: Glendale Arena
NHL Pacific Divisions San Jose Sharks are located in San Jose, California and play in the HP Pavillion at San Jose San Jose Sharks
Located: San Jose, California
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