NHL Eastern Conference team information and logos for the National Hockey League

Western Conference

(NHL) National Hockey Leagues Western Conference consists of the North West, Central and Pacific Divisions
National Hockey League (NHL)
(NHL) National Hockey Leagues has 30 teams located in the Western Conference and Eastern Conference.  Conferences consist of the North West, Central, Pacific Divisions, Atlantic, North East and South East Divisions

Eastern Conference

(NHL) National Hockey Leagues Eastern Conference consists of the Atlantic, North East and South East Divisions

NHL Eastern Conference Teams


NHL Atlantic Division

NHL Atlantic Divisions New Jersey Devils are located in East Rutherford, New Jersey and play in the Continental Airlines Arena New Jersey Devils
Located: East Rutherford, New Jersey
Arena: Continental Airlines Arena
NHL Atlantic Divisions New York Islanders are located in Uniondale, New York and play in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum New York Islanders
Located: Uniondale, New York
Arena: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
NHL Atlantic Divisions New York Rangers are located in New York, New York and play in the Madison Square Garden New York Rangers
Located: New York, New York
Arena: Madison Square Garden
NHL Atlantic Divisions Philadelphia Flyers are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and play in the Wachovia Center Philadelphia Flyers
Located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arena: Wachovia Center
NHL Atlantic Divisions Pittsburgh Penguins are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and play in the Mellon Arena Pittsburgh Penguins
Located: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Arena: Mellon Arena

NHL North East Division

NHL North East Divisions Boston Bruins are located in Boston, Massachusetts and play in the FleetCenter Boston Bruins
Located: Boston, Massachusetts
Arena: FleetCenter
NHL North East Divisions Buffalo Sabres are located in Buffalo, New York and play in the HSBC Arena Buffalo Sabres
Located: Buffalo, New York
Arena: HSBC Arena
NHL North East Divisions Montreal Canadiens are located in Montreal, Quebec and play in the Le Centre Bell Montreal Canadiens
Located: Montreal, Quebec
Arena: Le Centre Bell
NHL North East Divisions Ottawa Senators are located in Kanata, Ontario and play in the Corel Centre Ottawa Senators
Located: Kanata, Ontario
Arena: Corel Centre
NHL North East Divisions Toronto Maple Leafs are located in Toronto, Ontario and play in the Air Canada Centre Toronto Maple Leafs
Located: Toronto, Ontario
Arena: Air Canada Centre

NHL South East Division

NHL South East Divisions Atlanta Thrashers are located in Atlanta, Georgia and play in the Philips Arena Atlanta Thrashers
Located: Atlanta, Georgia
Arena: Philips Arena
NHL South East Divisions Carolina Hurricanes are located in Raleigh, North Carolina and play in the RBC Center Carolina Hurricanes
Located: Raleigh, North Carolina
Arena: RBC Center
NHL South East Divisions Florida Panthers are located in Sunrise, Florida and play in the Office Depot Center Florida Panthers
Located: Sunrise, Florida
Arena: Office Depot Center
NHL South East Divisions Tampa Bay Lightning are located in Tampa, Florida and play in the St. Pete Times Forum Tampa Bay Lightning
Located: Tampa, Florida
Arena: St. Pete Times Forum
NHL South East Divisions Washington Capitals are located in Washington, D.C. (DC) and play in the MCI Center

Washington Capitals
Located: Washington, D.C.
Arena: MCI Center
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