Super Bowl 30 logo, Dallas Cowboys 27VS Pittsburgh Steelers 17, MVP Larry Brown

Super Bowl XXX (30)
Team Rosters

Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys Superbowl XXX Ring


Dallas Cowboys:
Barry Switzer
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Bill Cowher

Half Time Show

Headliner: Diana Ross with special effects, pyrotechnics and stadium card stunt. Finale featured Diana Ross being taken from the stadium in a helicopter.


Sun Devil Stadium
Tempe, AZ

Date: August 20, 1970
Attendance: 76,347


Larry Brown
Corner Back (CB)
Dallas Cowboys



Dallas Cowboys

Kennard, Derek (C)
Allen, Larry (G)
Newton, Nate (G)
Tuinei, Mark (T)
Williams, Erik (T)
Novacek, Jay (TE)
Irvin, Michael (WR)
Williams, Kevin (WR)
Smith, Emmitt (RB)
Johnston, Daryl (FB)
Aikman, Troy (QB)

Lett, Leon (DT)
Maryland, Russell (DT)
Haley, Charles (DE)
Tolbert, Tony (DE)
Edwards, Dixon (OLB)
Smith, Darrin (OLB)
Jones, Robert (MLB)
Brown, Larry (CB)
Sanders, Deion (CB)
Marion, Brock (FS)
Woodson, Darren (SS)


Bailey, Robert ()
Bates, Bill ()
Bjornson, Eric ()
Boniol, Chris ()
Brice, Alundis ()
Briggs, Greg ()
Carver, Shante ()
Case, Scott ()
Davis, Billy ()
Fleming, Cory ()
Hellestrae, Dale ()
Hennings, Chad ()
Jett, John ()
Lang, David ()
McCormack, Hurvin ()
Myles, Godfrey ()
Schwantz, Jim ()
Stone, Ron ()
Watkins, Kendell ()
Williams, Charlie ()

Did Not Play

Hegamin, George ()
Williams, Sherman ()
Wilson, Wade ()

Not Active

Pittsburgh Steelers

Dawson, Dermontti (C)
Newberry, Tom (G)
Stai, Brenden (G)
Jackson, John (T)
Searcy, Leon (T)
Bruener, Mark (TE)
Mills, Ernie (WR)
Thigpen, Yancy (WR)
Pegram, Eric (RB)
Williams, John L. (RB)
O.Donnell, Neil (QB)

Steed, Joel (NT)
Buckner, Brentson (DE)
Seals, Ray (DE)
Greene, Kevin (OLB)
Lloyd, Greg (OLB)
Brown, Chad (ILB)
Kirkland, Levon (ILB)
Lake, Carnell (CB)
Williams, Willie (CB)
Perry, Darren (FS)
Bell, Myron (SS)


Strzelczyk, Justin ()
Woodson, Rod ()
Figures, Deon ()
Flowers, Lethon ()
Fuller, Randy ()
Gammon, Kendall ()
Gildon, Jason ()
Hastings, Andre ()
Hayes, Jonathan ()
Henry, Kevin ()
Holliday, Corey ()
Johnson, Norm ()
Johnson, Bill ()
Jones, Donta ()
Lester, Tim ()
McAfee, Fred ()
Morris, Bam ()
Oldham, Chris ()
Olsavsky, jerry ()
Parrish, James ()
Stark, Rohn ()
Stewart, Kordell ()

Did Not Play

Tomczak, Mike ()

Not Active

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