Super Bowl 35 logo, Baltimore Ravens 34VS New York Giants 7, MVP Ray Lewis

Super Bowl XXXV (35)
Team Statistics

Baltimore Ravens
New York Giants
Baltimore Ravens Superbowl XXXV Ring


Baltimore Ravens:
Brian Billick
New York Giants:
Jim Fassel

Half Time Show

Headliner: Aerosmith, *N'SYNC, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and Nelly.


Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, FL

Date: August 20, 1970
Attendance: 71,921


Ray Lewis
Linebacker (LB)
Baltimore Ravens

TEAM STATISTICS                 BAL            NYG
Total First Downs                13             11
  Rushing                         6              2
  Passing                         6              6
  Penalty                         1              3
Total Net Yardage               244            152
Total Offensive Plays            62             59
  Avg. Gain per Offensive Play  3.9            2.6
Rushes                           33             16
  Yards Gained Rushing (Net)    111             66
  Average Yards per Rush        3.4            4.1
Passes Attempted                 26             39
  Passes Completed               12             15
  Had Intercepted                 0              4
  Tackled Attempting to Pass      3              4
  Yards Lost Attempting to Pass  20             26
  Yards Gained Passing (Net)    133             86
Punts                            10             11
  Average Distance             43.0           38.4
Punt Returns                      3              5
  Punt Return Yardage            34             46
Kickoff Returns                   2              7
  Kickoff Return Yardage        111            170
Interception Return Yardage      59              0
Total Returns Yardage           204            216
Fumbles                           2              2
  Fumbles Lost                    0              1
  Own Fumbles Recovered           2              1
  Opponent Fumbles Recovered      1              0
Penalties                         9              6
  Yards Penalized                70             27
Field Goals                       2              0
  Field Goals Attempted           3              0
Third-Down Efficiency          3/16           2/14
Fourth-Down Efficiency          0/0            1/1
Time of Possession            34:06          25:54

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