Super Bowl 22 logo, Washington Redskins 42VS Denver Broncos 10, MVP Doug Williams

Super Bowl XXII (22)
Team Rosters

Washington Redskins
Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins Superbowl XXII Ring


Washington Redskins:
Joe Gibbs
Denver Broncos:
Dan Reeves

Half Time Show

Headliner: Chubby Checker/Rockettes & 88 grand pianos


Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego, CA

Date: August 19, 1970
Attendance: 73,302


Doug Williams
Quarterback (QB)
Washington Redskins



Washington Redskins

Bostic, Jeff (C)
McKenzie, Raleigh (G)
Thielemann, Ray (G)
Jacoby, Joe (T)
May, Mark (T)
Didier, Clint (TE)
Warren, Don (TE)
Clark, Gary (WR)
Sanders, Ricky (WR)
Smith, Timmy (RB)
Williams, Doug (QB)

Butz, Dave (DT)
Grant, Darryl (DT)
Manley, Dexter (DE)
Mann, Charles (DE)
Coleman, Monte (OLB)
Kaufman, Mel (OLB)
Olkewicz, Neal (MLB)
Bowles, Todd (CB)
Green, Darrell (CB)
Walton, Alvin (FS)
Wilburn, Barry (SS)


Branch, Reggie ()
Bryant, Kelvin ()
Caldwell, Ravin ()
Cox, Steve ()
Davis, Brian ()
Dean, Vernon ()
Gouveia, Kurt ()
Griffin, Keith ()
Grimm, Russ ()
Haji-Sheikh, Ali ()
Hamel, Dean ()
Hamilton, Steve ()
Jones, Anthony ()
Kehr, Rick ()
Koch, Markus ()
Milot, Rich ()
Monk, Art ()
Orr, Terry ()
Rogers, George ()
Schroeder, Jay ()
Vaughn, Clarence ()
Woodberry, Dennis ()
Yarber, Eric ()

Did Not Play

Not Active

Denver Broncos

Freeman, Mike (C)
Bishop, Keith (G)
Humphries, Stefan (G)
Lanier, Ken (T)
Studdard, David (T)
Kay, Clarence (TE)
Jackson, Mark (WR)
Nattiel, Ricky (WR)
Lang, Gene (RB)
Winder, Sammy (RB)
Elway, John (QB)

Kragen, Greg (NT)
Jones, Rulon (DE)
Townsend, Andre (DE)
Fletcher, Simon (OLB)
Ryan, Jim (OLB)
Hunley, Ricky (ILB)
Mecklenburg, Karl (ILB)
Haynes, Mark (CB)
Wilson, Steve (CB)
Lilly, Tony (FS)
Smith, Dennis (SS)


Bell, Kenny ()
Boddie, Tony ()
Bowyer, Walt ()
Braxton, Tyrone ()
Brooks,Michael ()
Castille, Jeremiah ()
Clark, Kevin ()
Dennison, Rick ()
Gilbert, Freddie ()
Horan, Mike ()
Johnson, Vance ()
Karlis, Rich ()
Kartz, Keith ()
Klosterman, Bruce ()
Kubiak, Gary ()
Lucas, Tim ()
Micho, Bobby ()
Mobley, Orson ()
Plummer, Bruce ()
Robbins, Randy ()
Sewell, Steven ()
Watson, Steve ()

Did Not Play

Lee, Larry ()

Not Active

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