Super Bowl 16 logo, San Francisco 49ers 26VS Cincinnati Bengals 21, MVP Joe Montana

Super Bowl XVI (16)
Team Rosters

San Francisco 49ers
Cincinnati Bengals
San Francisco 49ers Superbowl XVI Ring


San Francisco 49ers:
Bill Walsh
Cincinnati Bengals:
Forrest Gregg

Half Time Show

Headliner: Up With People.


Pontiac Silverdome
Pontiac, MI

Date: August 18, 1970
Attendance: 81,270


Joe Montana
Quarterback (QB)
San Francisco 49ers



San Francisco 49ers

Quillan, Fred (C)
Ayers, John (G)
Cross, Randy (G)
Audick, Dan (T)
Fahnhorst, Keith (T)
Young, Charles (TE)
Clark, Dwight (WR)
Solomon, Freddie (WR)
Patton, Ricky (RB)
Cooper, Earl (FB)
Montana, Joe (QB)

Board, Dwaine (DT)
Reese, Archie (DT)
Dean, Fred (DE)
Stuckey, Jim (DE)
Reynolds, Jack (OLB)
Turner, Keena (OLB)
Leopold, Bobby (m)
Lott, Ronnie (CB)
Wright, Eric C. (CB)
Williamson, Car. (SS)
Hicks, Dwight (FS)


Bunz, Dan ()
Choma, John ()
Davis, Johnny ()
Downing, Walt ()
Gervais, Rick ()
Harper, Willie ()
Harty, John ()
Kennedy, Allan ()
Lawrence, Amos ()
McColl, Milt ()
Miller, Jim G. ()
Pillers, Larry ()
Puki, Craig ()
Ramson, Eason ()
Ring, Bill ()
Shumann, Mike ()
Thomas, Ronald ()
Wersching, Ray ()
Wilson, Mike R. ()

Did Not Play

Benjamin, Guy ()
Easley, Walt ()
Elliott, Lenvil ()
Martin, Saladin ()

Not Active

Cincinnati Bengals

Bush, Blair (C)
Lapham, Dave (G)
Montoya, Max (G)
Munoz, Anthony (T)
Wilson, Mike (T)
Ross, Dan (TE)
Collinsworth, Cris (WR)
Curtis, Isaac (WR)
Alexander, Charles (RB)
Johnson, Pete (FB)
Anderson, Ken (QB)

Whitley, Wilson (NT)
Browner, Ross (DE)
Edwards, Eddie (DE)
Harris, Bo (OLB)
Williams, Reggie (OLB)
Cameron, Glenn (ILB)
LeClair, Jim (ILB)
Breeden, Louis (CB)
Riley, Ken (CB)
Hicks, Bryan (FS)
Kemp, Bobby (SS)


Verser, David ()
Bass, Don ()
Breech, Jim ()
Burley, Gary ()
Davis, Oliver ()
Dinkel,Tom ()
Frazier, Guy ()
Fuller, Mike ()
Griffin, Archie ()
Griffin, Ray ()
Hargrove, Jim ()
Harris, M.L. ()
Horn, Rod ()
Kreider, Steve ()
McInally, Pat ()
Moore, Blake ()
Obrovac, Mike ()
Razzino, Rick ()
Simmons, John ()
St. Clair, Mike ()

Did Not Play

Bujnoch, Glenn ()
Schonert, Turk ()
Thompson, Jack ()

Not Active

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