Super Bowl 47 logo, Baltimore Ravens 34VS San Francisco 49ers 31, MVP Joe Flacco

Super Bowl XLVII (47)
Game Summary

Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers
Baltimore Ravens Superbowl XLVII Ring


Baltimore Ravens:
John Harbaugh
San Francisco 49ers:
Jim Harbaugh

Half Time Show

Headliner: Beyoncé, Destiny's Child


Mercedes Benz Superdome
New Orleans, LA

Date: August 21, 1970
Attendance: 71,024


Joe Flacco
Quarterback (QB)
Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Defeats San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.  Joe Flacco named MVP.

Superbowl 47 XLVII was the tale of two games with Baltimore handling the San Francisco offence with relative ease in the first half. The Ravens defence caused two turnovers resulting in 14 point and limited the 49ers offence to just 2 field goals and just 6 points in the entire first half. With Joe Flacco looking like the Superbowl MVP he was to become, the Ravens entered the half time show with a staggering 21 - 6 lead over the confused and overmatched 49ers.

After an electrifying half time show by Beyonce the teams returned to the field. Baltimore heartened by the simple fact they needed to keep working hard on defence and the game would be theirs. Though no one was voicing it, the general consensus was the 49ers would need a miracle to make a record comeback in Superbowl 47 while doing what no team has ever been able to accomplish. Clawing back from a 15 point deficit was a daunting task by itself but doing so with a rookie quaterback, Colin Kaepernick seemed impossible.

The second half opened with disaster yet again for the 49ers as Baltimore Raven's Jones took the second half opening kick for a record 109 yard touchdown return to put the Raven's up by a daunting 28-6 score. Stunned the 49ers were forced to start their first second half drive with the knowledge they were not down by 15 points as they had hoped but by a stunning 22 points. With a 3rd and 13 and San Francisco finally moving the ball, the Superbowl stadium in New Orleans suffers a power surge which shrouds half the stadium into darkness for more than 30 minutes.

The unexpected power outage was a break that turned out to be a blessing for the 49ers as much as it was a disaster for the Ravens as a new 49ers team took to the field when the lights returned.

Colin Kaepernick, the rookie quarterback with only 10 regular season games under his belts took control of the 49ers offence, matching Joe Flacco's exceptional play from the first half by finally throwing strikes down the field keeping the Baltimore defence on their heels. Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers scored 17 un answered points in the third quarter alone eventually getting within just two points of Baltimore after a failed 2 point conversion attempt.

Joe Flacco and the Baltimore offence did as they have done all post season on their ensuing drive by running the ball and chewing up the clock. Though they were stopped by the 49ers defence Flacco moved the ball down the field, chewing up a lot of time off the clock and kicking a field goal to put the Raven up by a nail biting 5 points leaving the game in the hands of the formitable Ravens defence led by Ray Lewis.

The unthinkable started to unfold with the 49ers driving the ball down the field with precision strikes by Colin Kaepernick and a unbelievable run by Gore which set the stage for a dramatic finish. With the 49ers sitting first and goal on the Baltimore 8 yard line and SuperBowl 47 on the line, the game seemingly in the 49ers grasp, the Ravens defence bent but didn't break coming up with an un-believable last stand forcing the 49ers to turn the ball over on their 5 yard line with just under 2 minutes to play.

Baltimore's John Harbough decided to give up a safety rather than punting the ball out of the end zone to give the 49ers good field position with only seconds remaining in the game. The decision to keep the ball out of Kaepernick's hands was a good one as the final play ended with a punt with no time left on the clock for the San Francisco offence for a last ditch Hail Mary play.

Almost forgotten in the excitement of the game was the pre-game storyline of Jim Harbough vs John Harbough, the first brothers to face each other in a Superbowl game. Unfortunately someone had to lose and on this day, the 49er's couldn't find a way to get past the formidable Baltimore Defence.

Super Bowl XLVII, the 47th edition of the Super Bowl and the 43rd modern era National Football League championship game, is scheduled to be played in 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game will be held on February 3, 2013. Therefore, the 2013 Mardi Gras calendar in Orleans Parish will be changed. Parades scheduled for February 3 and before will likely move ahead one week. The same occurred in 2002 when the September 11 attacks caused a one-week delay in the 2001 NFL season, resulting in Super Bowl XXXVI falling within the Mardi Gras parade calendar.

This will be the tenth time that the city has hosted the Super Bowl, by far the most by an individual city and once again tying with the Miami area for the most Super Bowls hosted by a metropolitan area (they have been tied in the past). New Orleans beat out Glendale, Arizona and Miami (South Florida) for the right to host the game at the NFL's Spring Ownership Meetings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 19, 2009. It will be simulcast in Canada by CTV.

Scoring Information

 ScoreTimeFirst DownsEfficiencies
Game Summary PossRPXT3Down4Down
Baltimore Ravens349:2612141/40/1
San Francisco 49ers315:3442060/10/1
TeamQtrTimePlay Description (Extra Point) (Drive Info)VisitorHome
Ravens110:36A.Boldin 13 yd. pass from J.Flacco (J.Tucker kick) (6-51, 2:29)70
49ers13:58D.Akers 36 yd. Field Goal (12-62, 6:38)73
Ravens27:10D.Pitta 1 yd. pass from J.Flacco (J.Tucker kick) (10-75, 4:43)143
Ravens21:45J.Jones 56 yd. pass from J.Flacco (J.Tucker kick) (3-56, 0:22)213
49ers20:00D.Akers 27 yd. Field Goal (8-71, 1:45)216
Ravens314:49J.Jones 108 yd. kickoff return (J.Tucker kick) (0-0, 0:11)286
49ers37:20M.Crabtree 31 yd. pass from C.Kaepernick (D.Akers kick) (7-80, 3:06)2813
49ers34:59F.Gore 6 yd. run (D.Akers kick) (2-20, 0:48)2820
49ers33:10D.Akers 34 yd. Field Goal (4-8, 1:00)2823
Ravens412:54J.Tucker 19 yd. Field Goal (12-71, 5:16)3123
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