Super Bowl 42 logo, New York Giants 17VS New England Patriots 14, MVP Eli Manning

Super Bowl XLII (42)
Team Statistics

New York Giants
New England Patriots
New York Giants Superbowl XLII Ring


New York Giants:
Tom Coughlin
New England Patriots:
Bill Belichick

Half Time Show

Headliner: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


University of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, AZ

Date: August 21, 1970
Attendance: 71,101


Eli Manning
Quarterback (QB)
New York Giants

   New York Giants VS New England Patriot
 2/3/2008 at University of Phoenix Stadium

        Final Team Statistics  

                                        Visitor    Home
                                        Giants   Patriots
TOTAL FIRST DOWNS                         17       22
By Rushing                                 4        3 
By Passing                                13       17 
By Penalty                                 0        2 
THIRD DOWN EFFICIENCY                   8-16-50% 7-14-50%
FOURTH DOWN EFFICIENCY                  1-1-100%  0-2-0%
TOTAL NET YARDS                          338      274 
Total Offensive Plays                     63       69
Average gain per offensive play            5.4      4.0 
NET YARDS RUSHING                         91       45 
Total Rushing Plays                       26       16 
Average gain per rushing play              3.5      2.8 
Tackles for a loss-number and yards      1-1      3-7 
NET YARDS PASSING                        247      229 
Times thrown: yards lost att. to pass    3-8      5-37 
Gross yards passing                      255      266 
Avg gain per pass play                     6.7      4.3 
KICKOFFS Number-In End Zone-Touchbacks   4-0-0    3-1-0 
PUNTS Number and Average                 4-39.0   4-43.8 
Had Blocked                                0        0 
FGs -PATs Had Blocked                    0-0      0-0 
Net Punting Average                       35.3     32.5 
TOTAL RETURN YARDAGE (Not Inc Kickoffs)   25       38 
No. and Yards Punt Returns               3-25     1-15 
No. and Yards Kickoff Returns            2-39     4-94 
No. and Yards Interception Returns       0-0      1-23 
PENALTIES Number and Yards               4-36     5-35 
FUMBLES Number and Lost                  2-0      1-1 
TOUCHDOWNS                                 2        2 
Rushing                                    0        1 
Passing                                    2        1 
EXTRA POINTS Made-Attempts               2-2      2-2 
Kicking Made-Attempts                    2-2      2-2 
FIELD GOALS Made-Attempts                1-1      0-0 
RED ZONE EFFICIENCY                      2-5-40%  2-2-100%
GOAL TO GO EFFICIENCY                    0-0-0%   2-2-100%
SAFETIES                                   0        0 
FINAL SCORE                               17       14 
TIME OF POSSESSION                        30:27    29:33 

     New York Giants vs New England Patriots 
    2/3/2008 at University of Phoenix Stadium 

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