Super Bowl 14 logo, Pittsburgh Steelers 31VS Los Angeles Rams 19, MVP Terry Bradshaw

Super Bowl XIV (14)
Halftime Show

Pittsburgh Steelers
Los Angeles Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl XIV Ring


Pittsburgh Steelers:
Chuck Noll
Los Angeles Rams:
Ray Malavasi

Half Time Show

Headliner: Up with People.


Rose Bowl Stadium
Pasadena, CA

Date: August 18, 1970
Attendance: 103,985


Terry Bradshaw
Quarterback (QB)
Pittsburgh Steelers

Pregame: LAUSD All-City Band

Anthem sung by: Cheryl Ladd; Golden Knights Parachute Team

Coin Toss: Art Rooney

Headliner: Up with People.

Producer: Up with People

Theme: Salute to the Big Band Era

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