Super Bowl 12 logo, Dallas Cowboys 27VS Denver Broncos 10, MVP Randy White

Super Bowl XII (12)
Team Rosters

Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys Superbowl XII Ring


Dallas Cowboys:
Tom Landry
Denver Broncos:
Red Miller

Half Time Show

Headliner: Tyler Apache Belles, Pete Fountain and Al Hirt.


Louisiana Superdome
New Orleans, LA

Date: August 17, 1970
Attendance: 76,400


Randy White
Defensive Tackle (DT)
Dallas Cowboys



Dallas Cowboys

Fitzgerald, John (C)
Rafferty, Tom (G)
Scott, Herbert (G)
Donovan, Pat (T)
Neely, Ralph (T)
DuPree, Billy Joe (TE)
Johnson, Butch (WR)
Pearson, Drew (WR)
Dorsett, Tony (RB)
Newhouse, Robert (RB)
Staubach, Roger (QB)

Pugh, Jethro (DT)
White, Randy (DT)
Jones, Too Tall (DE)
Martin, Harvey (DE)
Henderson, Tom (OLB)
Lewis, D. D. (OLB)
Breunig, Bob (MLB)
Barnes, Benny (CB)
Kyle, Aaron (CB)
Harris, Cliff (FS)
Waters, Charlie (SS)


Brinson, Larry ()
Brown, Guy ()
Cole, Larry ()
Cooper, Jim ()
Dennison, Doug ()
Frederick, Andy ()
Gregory, Bill ()
Hegman, Mike ()
Herrera, Efren ()
Hill, Tony ()
Hughes, Randy ()
Huther, Bruce ()
Laidlaw, Scott ()
Lawless, Burton ()
Pearson, Preston ()
Renfro, Mel ()
Richards, Golden ()
Stalls, Dave ()
Washington, Mark ()
White, Danny ()
Wright, Rayfield ()

Did Not Play

Not Active

Denver Broncos

Montler, Mike (C)
Glassic, Tom (G)
Howard, Paul (G)
Maurer, Andy (T)
Minor, Claudie (T)
Odoms, Riley (TE)
Dolbin, Jack (WR)
Moses, Haven (WR)
Armstrong, Otis (RB)
Keyworth, Jon (RB)
Morton, Craig (QB)

Carter, Rubin (NT)
Alzado, Lyle (DE)
Chavous, Barney (DE)
Jackson, Tom (OLB)
Swenson, Bob (OLB)
Gradishar, Randy (ILB)
Rizzo, Joe (ILB)
Foley, Steve (CB)
Wright, Louis (CB)
Jackson, Bernard (FS)
Thompson, William (SS)


Allison, Hank ()
Dilts, Bucky ()
Egloff, Ron ()
Evens, Larry ()
Grant, John ()
Hyde, Glenn ()
Jensen, Jim D. ()
Lytle, Rob ()
Manor, Brison ()
Maples, Bobby ()
Nairne, Rob ()
Perrin, Lonnie ()
Poltl, Randy ()
Rich, Randy ()
Schultz, John ()
Smith, Paul ()
Turk, Godwin ()
Turner, Jim B. ()
Upchurch, Rick ()
Weese, Norris ()

Did Not Play

Penrose, Craig ()

Not Active

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