Super Bowl 13 logo, Pittsburgh Steelers 35VS Dallas Cowboys 31, MVP Terry Bradshaw

Super Bowl XIII (13)
Team Rosters

Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl XIII Ring


Pittsburgh Steelers:
Chuck Noll
Dallas Cowboys:
Tom Landry

Half Time Show

Headliner: Ken Hamilton and various Caribbean bands.


Miami Orange Bowl
Miami, FL

Date: August 18, 1970
Attendance: 79,484


Terry Bradshaw
Quarterback (QB)
Pittsburgh Steelers



Pittsburgh Steelers

Webster, Mike (C)
Davis, Samuel (G)
Mullins, Gerry (G)
Kolb, Jon (T)
Pinney, Ray (T)
Grossman, Randy (TE)
Stallworth, John (WR)
Swann, Lynn (WR)
Bleier, Rocky (RB)
Harris, Franco (RB)
Bradshaw, Terry (QB)

Furness, Steve (DT)
Greene, Joe (DT)
Banaszak, John (DE)
Greenwood, L. C. (DE)
Ham, Jack (OLB)
Toews, Loren (OLB)
Lambert, Jack (MLB)
Blount, Mel (CB)
Johnson, Ronald (CB)
Wagner, Mike (FS)
Shell, Donnie (SS)


Anderson, Fred ()
Anderson, Larry ()
Beasley, Tom ()
Bell, Theo ()
Brown, Larry ()
Cole, Robin ()
Colquitt, Craig ()
Courson, Steve ()
Deloplaine, Jack ()
Dungy, Tony ()
Dunn, Gary ()
Gerela, Roy ()
Mandich, Jim ()
Moser, Rick ()
Oldham, Ray ()
Petersen, Ted ()
Smith, Jim A. ()
Thornton, Sidney ()
White, Dwight ()

Did Not Play

Cunningham, Bennie ()
Kruczek, Mike ()
Stoudt, Cliff ()

Not Active

Dallas Cowboys

Fitzgerald, John (C)
Rafferty, Tom (G)
Scott, Herbert (G)
Donovan, Pat (T)
Wright, Rayfield (T)
DuPree, Billy Joe (TE)
Hill, Tony (WR)
Pearson, Drew (WR)
Dorsett, Tony (RB)
Newhouse, Robert (FB)
Staubach, Roger (QB)

Cole, Larry (DT)
White, Randy (DT)
Jones, Too Tall (DE)
Martin, Harvey (DE)
Henderson, Tom (OLB)
Lewis, D. D. (OLB)
Breunig, Bob (MLB)
Barnes, Benny (CB)
Kyle, Aaron (CB)
Harris, Cliff (FS)
Waters, Charlie (SS)


Bethea, Larry ()
Blackwell, Alois ()
Brinson, Larry ()
Brown, Guy ()
Frederick, Andy ()
Hegman, Mike ()
Hughes, Randy ()
Huther, Bruce ()
Johnson, Butch ()
Laidlaw, Scott ()
Lawless, Burton ()
Pearson, Preston ()
Randall, Tom ()
Septien, Rafael ()
Smith, Jackie ()
Stalls, Dave ()
Steele, Robert ()
Thurman, Dennis ()
White, Danny ()

Did Not Play

Washington, Mark ()
Carano, Glenn ()
Cooper, Jim ()
Pugh, Jethro ()

Not Active

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