Super Bowl 5 logo, Baltimore Colts 16VS Dallas Cowboys 13, MVP Chuck Howley

Super Bowl V (5)
Team Rosters

Baltimore Colts
Dallas Cowboys
Baltimore Colts Superbowl V Ring


Baltimore Colts:
Don McCafferty
Dallas Cowboys:
Tom Landry

Half Time Show

Headliner: Florida A&M Band.


Miami Orange Bowl
Miami, FL

Date: August 17, 1970
Attendance: 79,204


Chuck Howley
Linebacker (LB)
Baltimore Colts



Baltimore Colts

Curry, Bill (C)
Ressler, Glenn (G)
Williams, John M. (G)
Sullivan, Dan (T)
Vogel, Bob (T)
Mackey, John (TE)
Hinton, Eddie (WR)
Jefferson, Roy (WR)
Bulaich, Norm (RB)
Nowatzke, Tom (RB)
Unitas, Johnny (QB)

Miller, Fred D. (DT)
Smith, Billy Ray Sr. (DT)
Hilton, Roy (DE)
Smith, Bubba (DE)
Hendricks, Ted (OLB)
May, Ray (OLB)
Curtis, James (MLB)
Duncan, Jim (CB)
Stukes, Charles (CB)
Volk, Rick (FS)
Logan, Jerry (SS)


Ball, Sam ()
Gardin, Ron ()
Goode, Tom ()
Grant, Bob ()
Havrilak, Sam ()
Hill, Gerald ()
Johnson, Cornelius ()
Lee, David ()
Maitland, John ()
Maxwell, Tom ()
Mitchell, Tom ()
Morrall, Earl ()
Newsome, Billy ()
Nichols, Robert ()
O'Brien, Jim ()
Perkins, Ray ()

Did Not Play

Orr, Jimmy ()
Wright, George ()

Not Active

Dallas Cowboys

Manders, Dave (C)
Niland, John (G)
Nye, Blaine (G)
Neely, Ralph (T)
Wright, Rayfield (T)
Norman, Pettis (TE)
Hayes, Bob (WR)
Rucker, Reggie (WR)
Garrison, Wait (RB)
Thomas, Duane (RB)
Morton, Craig (QB)

Lilly, Bob (DT)
Pugh, Jethro (DT)
Andie, George (DE)
Cole, Larry (DE)
Edwards, Dave (OLB)
Howley, Chuck (OLB)
Jordan, Lee Roy (MLB)
Adderly, Herb (CB)
Renfro, Mel (CB)
Waters, Charlie (FS)
Green, Cornell (SS)


Asher, Bob ()
Clark, Mike ()
Ditka, Mike ()
East, Ron ()
Flowers, Richmond ()
Harris, Cliff ()
Hill, Calvin ()
Homan, Dennis ()
Kiner, Steve ()
Lewis, D.D. ()
Reeves, Dan ()
Stincic, Thomas ()
Toomay, Pat ()
Washington, Mark ()
Welch, Claxton ()
Widby, Ron ()

Did Not Play

Liscio, Tony ()
Staubach, Roger ()

Not Active

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