Super Bowl 8 logo, Miami Dolphins 24VS Minnesota Vikings 7, MVP Larry Csonka

Super Bowl VIII (8)
Team Drive Chart

Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins Superbowl VIII Ring


Miami Dolphins:
Don Shula
Minnesota Vikings:
Bud Grant

Half Time Show

Headliner: University of Texas Band.


Rice Stadium
Houston, TX

Date: August 17, 1970
Attendance: 71,882


Larry Csonka
Running Back (RB)
Miami Dolphins

*Miami won the coin toss and elected to receive.

First Quarter

Miami Dolphins (15:00)

Cox kick to MIA 7 Scott return (T. Brown).
MIA 381–10Morris 4 run around right end (Eller).
MIA 422–6Csonka 2 run right (Winston Larsen).
MIA 443–4Griese 13 pass to Mandich (Bryant).
MIN 431–10Morris run off right tackle no gain (Page).
MIN 432–10Csonka 16 run left (Krause).
MIN 271–10Griese 6 pass to Briscoe right flat (J. Wright).
MIN 212–4Csonka 5 run middle (Page).
MIN 161–10Csonka 8 run off right tackle (Eller).
MIN 82–2Morris 3 run left (Siemon).
MIN 51–goalCsonka 5 run right touchdown (9:33). Yepremian kicked extra point.
Miami scoring drive: 62 yards 10 plays 5:27.

Miami 7 Minnesota 0

Minnesota Vikings (9:33)

Yepremian kick to MIN 1 West 13 return (Bannon).
MIN 141–10Foreman 5 run off left tackle (Den Herder).
MIN 192–5Foreman run left no gain (Fernandez Kolen).
MIN 193–5Tarkenton 4 swing pass to Foreman (Fernandez).
MIN 234–1Eischeid 34 punt Scott 1 return recovered own fumble (Porter).

Miami Dolphins (7:08)

MIA 441–10Morris 5 run left (Krause).
MIA 492–5Griese 8 pass to Mandich right flat (Winston).
MIN 431–10Morris 4 run off right tackle (Siemon Winston).
MIN 392–6Csonka 8 run off right tackle (Marshall).
MIN 311–10Kiick run loss of 3 (Page).
MIN 342–13Csonka 12 run right end (N. Wright Krause).
MIN 223–1Csonka 8 run right (Krause).
MIN 141–10Griese 13 pass to Briscoe (J. Wright).
MIN 11–goalKiick run off right tackle no gain (Winston).
MIN 12–goalKiick 1 run middle touchdown (1:22). Yepremian kicked extra point.
Miami scoring drive: 56 yards 10 plays 5:46.

Miami 14 Minnesota 0

Minnesota Vikings (1:22)

Yepremian kick to MIN 6 West 15 return (Newman). Minnesota penalized 10 for holding (Gilliam).
MIN 111–10Tarkenton 5 pass to Foreman (Kolen Anderson).
MIN 162–5Reed 2 run left (Fernandez).
MIN 183–3Tarkenton 9 pass to Kingsriter (Anderson).


Miami 14 Minnesota 0

Second Quarter

MIN 271–10Foreman 5 run off right tackle (Matheson).
MIN 322–5Reed 4 run middle (Fernandez).
MIN 363–1Reed run off right tackle no gain (Buoniconti).
MIN 364–1Eischeid 42 punt Scott 7 return (Tingelhoff).

Miami Dolphins (13:03)

MIA 291–10Morris 14 run around right end (J. Wright).
MIA 431–10Csonka 2 run left end (Hilgenberg).
MIA 452–8Griese sacked loss of 10 (Page).
MIA 353–18Griese pass to Briscoe deep incomplete.
MIA 354–18Seiple 38 punt Bryant fair catch.

Minnesota Vikings (11:31)

MIN 271–10Foreman 3 run right end (Anderson Foley).
MIN 302–7Tarkenton sacked loss of 10 (Den Herder).
MIN 203–17Tarkenton pass to Kingsriter incomplete.
MIN 204–17Eischeid 45 punt Scott fair catch.

Miami Dolphins (10:03)

MIA 351–10Csonka 1 run right. Minnesota penalized 15 for unsportsmanlike conduct (Hilgenberg).
MIN 491–10Griese 6 pass to Warfield left flat (Bryant).
MIN 432–4Csonka 3 run off right tackle (Siemon).
MIN 403–1Morris 10 run right (Krause).
MIN 301–10Csonka 9 run right end (Krause Marshall).
MIN 212–1Csonka run left no gain (Siemon).
MIN 213–1Csonka run middle no gain (Eller).
MIN 214–1Yepremian 28–yard field goal (6:02).
Miami scoring drive: 44 yards 7 plays 4:01.

Miami 17 Minnesota 0

Minnesota Vikings (6:02)

Yepremian kick out of end zone touchback.
MIN 201–10Foreman 2 run right (Swift Buoniconti).
MIN 222–8Tarkenton pass to Foreman middle incomplete.
MIN 223–8Tarkenton 17 pass to Voigt (Kolen).
MIN 391–10Tarkenton pass to Reed left flat incomplete.
MIN 392–10Foreman 1 run right end (Den Herder).
MIN 403–9Tarkenton 14 pass to Voigt middle (Buoniconti).
MIA 461–10Tarkenton 3 pass to Gilliam left flat (Kolen).
MIA 432–7Tarkenton recovered fumbled snap loss of 2.
Two–Minute Warning.
MIA 453–9Tarkenton 30 pass to Gilliam deep (Johnson).
MIA 151–10Tarkenton 8 rollout run right (Buoniconti).
MIA 72–2Reed run right loss of 1 (Matheson).
MIA 83–3Reed 2 run middle (Stanfill).
MIA 64–1Reed run off right tackle (Buoniconti) fumbled Scott recovered for Miami at MIA 6.

Miami Dolphins (:30)

MIA 61–10Csonka run middle no gain (Larsen).
MIA 62–10Csonka run middle loss of 1 (Larsen).


Miami 17 Minnesota 0

Third Quarter

Minnesota Vikings (15:00)

Yepremian kick to MIN 1 Gilliam 65 return. Minnesota penalized 10 from spot of foul (MIN 21) for holding. Gilliam credited with 20 return.
MIN 111–10Foreman 2 run right end (Foley).
MIN 132–8Tarkenton pass to Foreman no gain (Kolen).
MIN 133–8Tarkenton sacked loss of 6 (Fernandez).
MIN 74–14Eischeid 48 punt Scott 12 return (Kingsriter).

Miami Dolphins (12:42)

MIN 431–10Morris 1 run left (Siemon).
MIN 422–9Csonka 4 reverse (Siemon).
MIN 383–5Griese 27 pass to Warfield deep left (Bryant).
MIN 111–10Csonka 4 run right tackle (Eller).
MIN 72–6Griese 2 run evading pass rush (Winston).
MIN 53–4Morris run left loss of 8. Minnesota penalized 5 for holding (Hilgenberg). Automatic first down.
MIN 81–goalCsonka 6 run left tackle (Bryant).
MIN 22–goalCsonka 2 run right touchdown (8:44). Yepremian kicked extra point.
Miami scoring drive: 43 yards 8 plays 3:58.

Miami 24 Minnesota 0

Minnesota Vikings (8:44)

Yepremian kick to MIN 5 Gilliam 21 return (Matheson).
MIN 261–10Tarkenton 5 run evading pass rush (Matheson).
MIN 312–5Tarkenton 10 swing pass to Foreman.
MIN 411–10Reed 6 draw middle (Foley).
MIN 472–4Tarkenton screen to Reed loss of 1 (Foley).
MIN 463–5Reed 1 run left (Matheson).
MIN 474–4Eischeid 42 punt downed at MIA 11.

Miami Dolphins (5:03)

MIA 111–10Morris 3 run right (Eller).
MIA 142–7Csonka 13 run middle (Hilgenberg).
MIA 271–10Csonka run middle loss of 2 (Marshall).
MIA 252–12Csonka 5 run right (Siemon).
MIA 303–7Csonka 3 run right (Larsen).
MIA 334–4Seiple 24 punt downed at MIN 43.

Minnesota Vikings (1:34)

MIN 431–10Tarkenton 8 pass to Foreman middle (Matheson).
MIA 492–2Marinaro 3 run right end (Fernandez).
MIA 461–10Tarkenton pass to Foreman broken up (Buoniconti) incomplete.
MIA 462–10Tarkenton 2 pass to Gilliam (Foley).


Miami 24 Minnesota 0

Fourth Quarter

MIA 443–8Tarkenton 15 pass to Voigt.
MIA 291–10Tarkenton 9 pass to Gilliam (Foley).
MIA 202–1Tarkenton pass to Lash incomplete.
MIA 203–1Reed 7 run right end (Scott).
MIA 131–10Tarkenton 9 pass to Lash (Johnson).
MIA 42–1Tarkenton 4 keeper right end touchdown (13:25). Cox kicked extra point.
Minnesota scoring drive: 57 yards 10 plays 3:09.

Miami 24 Minnesota 7

Miami Dolphins (13:25)

Cox onside kick touched by Matheson recovered by T. Brown for Minnesota. Play nullified and Minnesota penalized 5 for offsides (Porter). Cox kick to MIA 18. Scott 16 return (Sutherland).
MIA 341–10Csonka 3 run right tackle (Eller).
MIA 372–7Morris run right end loss of 2 (Winston).
MIA 353–9Griese 5 run evading pass rush (Hilgenberg).
MIA 404–4Seiple 57 punt downed at MIN 3.

Minnesota Vikings (10:47)

MIN 31–10Tarkenton 12 pass to Marinaro (Scott).
MIN 151–10Tarkenton pass to Lash incomplete.
MIN 152–10Reed 9 draw middle (Swift).
MIN 243–1Reed 2 run right tackle (Buoniconti).
MIN 261–10Tarkenton pass to Reed incomplete (Swift).
MIN 262–10Tarkenton 9 pass to B. Brown (Swift).
MIN 353–1B. Brown 2 run left tackle (Stanfill).
MIN 371–10Tarkenton pass to Marinaro incomplete. Play nullified and Miami penalized 4 for pass interference (Foley). Automatic first down.
MIN 411–10Tarkenton 27 swing pass to Marinaro (Scott).
MIA 321–10Tarkenton pass to Lash end zone incomplete.
MIA 322–10Tarkenton pass to Voigt middle incomplete.
MIA 323–10Tarkenton pass to Lash deep intercepted at goal line Johnson 10 return (Gilliam).

Miami Dolphins (6:24)

MIA 101–10Csonka 7 run middle (Marshall).
MIA 172–3Csonka 5 run left tackle (Hilgenberg).
MIA 221–10Kiick 1 run off left tackle (Hilgenberg).
MIA 232–9Csonka 1 run off right tackle (Eller).
MIA 243–8Csonka 2 run middle. Minnesota penalized 15 for personal foul (Page).
MIA 411–10Csonka 4 run middle (Marshall).
MIA 452–6Kiick 5 run right tackle. Personal fouls against Miami (Kuchenberg) and Minnesota (Page) offset.
503–1Minn. penalized 5 for offsides.
MIN 451–10Kiick 1 run left (Larsen).
MIN 442–9Csonka 6 run (Hilgenberg). Two–Minute Warning.
MIN 383–3Csonka 2 run right (Marshall).
MIN 364–1Csonka 2 run middle (Hilgenberg).
MIN 341–10Kiick 5 run right tackle (Eller).


Miami 24 Minnesota 7


Miami 15–2 Minnesota 14–3

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