Super Bowl 1 logo, Green Bay Packers 35VS Kansas City Chiefs 10, MVP Bart Starr

Super Bowl I (1)
Halftime Show

Green Bay Packers
Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers Superbowl I Ring


Green Bay Packers:
Vince Lombardi
Kansas City Chiefs:
Hank Stram

Half Time Show

Headliner: Universities of Arizona and Michigan Bands.


Memorial Coliseum
Los Angeles, CA

Date: August 16, 1970
Attendance: 61,946


Bart Starr
Quarterback (QB)
Green Bay Packers

Pregame: University of Arizona & Grambling University with Al Hirt

Anthem sung by: Universities of Arizona & Michigan Bands

Coin Toss: Game Official

Headliner: Universities of Arizona and Michigan Bands.

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