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Missed a NFL game during the 2010 season? Let us bring you up to speed on what happened! Below we have a breakdown of each week of the 2010 NFL season, right here on Sportspool.com - If you like, you can sign up for our Newsletter and have the recaps emailed straight to you! Or if you prefer, just click on the year above you want to learn more about.

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #1] -

The first week of NFL football 2010 is in the books and, like any Week One, there were plenty of surprises, injuries, and new faces all around the league.

The week started off with the highly anticipated rematch of last year's NFC title game as the New Orleans Saints hosted the Minnesot...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #2] -

Week 2 of the NFL season in the books, and in honor of the media obsession with the “Manning Bowl,” SportsPool.com presents our own special brand of Bowl Madness. So sit back and grab yourself some chips and your favorite carbonated beverage, and let's take a look at the Bowl Week that was.


[2010 NFL Recap for Week #3] -

Peyton Manning might not be the only one complaining about the new positions for officials, as a seemingly ridiculous number of penalties were thrown this week, often affecting the outcome of games. Good thing they don't allow the replays to slow the game down.

Despite Tom Coughlin's at...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #4] -

Well, SportsPool Nation, it's hard to believe that a quarter of the NFL season is already in the books. We wait so long and it goes so fast, not unlike a honeymoon night. So, to mark this momentous occasion, SportsPool.com proudly presents our One Fourth of the Season recap, complete with Quarter...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #5] -

Historically, the top NFL teams are usually fairly set by week 5, especially on defense. Don't believe me? In the last ten years, only once did a defense allow more than 100 yards a game rushing through 5 games and still finish with a top 10 ten defense. So, Sportspool.com officially declares thi...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #6] -

Regular readers of this site know that SportsPool.com likes theme weeks for the NFL more than Homer likes doughnuts. However, at this time of year, the NFL has already established contending teams, benched offseason hopefuls, and buried teams for the year, which leaves us sadly without much of a ...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #7] -

Welcome to Week 7 of the NFL, or as we like to say at SportsPool, Bizarro Week. You might think that defenses didn't show up judging by the average of 52 points a game. Yet there were 29 interceptions, 9 of which were of the pick-six variety. Apparently defenses have given up on stopping the ...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #8] -

Baffling (adj) – 1) hard to understand. 2) NFL Week 8. At Sportspool, we've been watching the NFL for many moons, yet even we are sometimes surprised at the twists and turns of the NFL season. Benching a starting quarterback with the game on the line and releasing a Hall of Famer less t...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #9] -

 But you gotta let me know, whoa whoa whoa, should I stay or should I go? Week 9 in the NFL continued to separate the teams fighting for the playoffs, and those who are looking ahead to 2011. Several teams entered the week desperately needing a win, and a few managed a momentary reprieve whi...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #10] -

Welcome, welcome to Garcon's House of NFL Dishes, where we provide the week 10 NFL stats matched up with your favorite dishes. Eatin' and football, what could be better? Pull up a chair and dive in.

For an appetizer, we recommend the Baltimore-Atlanta Sherbet matchup on Thursday Night F...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #11] -

Welcome to NFL week 11, my friends, as the war of attrition known as the NFL season continued with a large list of injured players and a growing list of disappointed fan bases. It's becoming more apparent that the success of a team depends as much or more on their depth as the quality of their st...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #12] -

The holiday season has officially begun with the ritual sacrifice and consumption of thousands of innocent turkeys. Truth be told, they've been asking for it by being so delicious. You'll notice there's no holiday involving the delicious octopus. So, in honor of the mass gluttony of this weekend,...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #13] -

I must confess a little sadness this week, my friends. Depending on how your league is set up, this may have been the last week of the fantasy regular season. It's the end of a long road of agonizing losses for some of us as our hopes and dreams are crushed on the rocks of reality, and it signals...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #14] -

~Oh, the weather outside if frightful, but football's so delightful.~ What a crazy weekend of Old Man Winter and football. December has definitely arrived for anyone north of the Rams, and no one was harder hit than the Minnesota Vikings. After a heavy snowstorm had already delayed the Giants/Vik...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #16] -

Here we go, my friends. Only two weeks left, and the playoffs are still fairly up for grabs. Week 16 saw several teams fall out of contention, but half of the divisions were still in doubt with only a week to go. God bless parity. Off we go.

Despite missing S Troy Polamalu, the Steelers...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #15] -

Week 15. That means we only have a fortnight of regular season football left, my friends. Of course, that may be more than some of the familiar faces around the NFL (hello Mr. Owens and Mr. Favre). Many teams are placing players on injured reserve this week, which is sometimes an attempt to make ...[more]

[2010 NFL Recap for Week #17] -

Well, my friends, we’ve reached the end of the road. The last week of the 2010 regular season is behind us. I think we can agree there have been some pleasant surprises (hello, Buccaneer youngsters) as well as some surprising unpleasantries (hello, Brett Favre’s whole year). But, as usual, the NF...[more]

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Sunday1:00 pmRavens @ Bengals
 1:00 pmTexans @ Titans
 1:00 pmPanthers @ Buccaneers
 1:00 pmBrowns @ Steelers
 1:00 pmCowboys @ Eagles
 1:00 pmBills @ Jets
 1:00 pmBears @ Vikings
 1:00 pmJaguars @ Colts
 1:00 pmPatriots @ Dolphins
 4:25 pmChiefs @ Chargers
 4:25 pmCardinals @ Rams
 4:25 pmRaiders @ Broncos
 4:25 pmGiants @ Redskins
 4:25 pmSeahawks @ 49ers
 4:25 pmSaints @ Falcons
 8:30 pmPackers @ Lions
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Week 17 Spreads
Visitor vs HomeFavoriteSpread
Ravens @ BengalsBengals2.5
Texans @ TitansTitans3
Panthers @ BuccaneersBuccaneers6
Browns @ SteelersSteelers7
Cowboys @ EaglesEagles6
Bills @ JetsBills6
Bears @ VikingsVikings5.5
Jaguars @ ColtsColts4.5
Patriots @ DolphinsPatriots9.5
Chiefs @ ChargersChiefs4.5
Cardinals @ RamsCardinals6
Raiders @ BroncosBroncos2.5
Giants @ RedskinsRedskins8
Seahawks @ 49ersSeahawks10
Saints @ FalconsFalcons7
Packers @ LionsPackers3
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