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Individual Records - Career

Rushing Yds 4,267 George Rogers
Passing Yds 21,734 Archie Manning
Passing TDs 115 Archie Manning
Receiving (number) 532 Eric Martin
Receiving Yds 7,854 Eric Martin
Interceptions 37 Dave Waymer
Punting (average) 45.7 Mark Royals
Punt Return (average) 13.4 Mel Gray
Kick Return (average) 26.3 Walter Roberts
Field Goals 302 Morten Andersen
Touchdowns (total) 53 Dalton Hillard
Points 1,318 Morten Andersen

Individual Records - Single Season

Rushing Yds 1,674 George Rogers, 1981
Passing Yds 3,970 Jim Everett, 1995
Passing TDs 27 Aaron Brooks, 2002
Receiving (number) 94 Joe Horn, 2000
Receiving Yds 1,340 Joe Horn, 2000
Interceptions 10 Dave Whitsell, 1967
Punting (average) 45.9 Mark Royals, 1997
Punt Return (average) 14.7 Mel Gray, 1987
Kick Return (average) 27.9 Don Shy, 1969 Mel Gray, 1986
Field Goals 31 Morten Andersen, 1985 John Carney, 2002
Touchdowns (total) 18 Dalton Hillard, 1989
Points 130 John Carney, 2002

Individual Records - Single Game

Rushing Yds 206 George Rogers, 9/4/83
Passing Yds 441 Aaron Brooks, 12/3/00
Passing Completions 34 Aaron Brooks, 11/21/04
Passing Attempts 60 Aaron Brooks, 11/21/04
Passing TDs 6 Billy Kilmer, 11/2/69
Receiving (number) 14 Tony Galbreath, 9/10/78
Receiving Yds 205 Wes Chandler, 9/2/79
Interceptions 3 Many Times
Field Goals 5 Many Times
Touchdowns (total) 4 Joe Horn, 12/14/03
24 Joe Horn, 12/14/03

NFL Record 10/1/04

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Fan Zone - Show Your NFL Pride!

2016-08-29 15:45:06

Rosa Agostinelli
Green Bay Packers fan - Providence

2016-08-29 15:44:42

Amy Chalmers
Minnesota Vikinga fan - Portland Oregon

2016-08-29 15:45:03

Jillian Samuels
Dallas Cowboys fan - Dallas
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Super Bowl History

2015 Champions

Super Bowl XLIX Logo
New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX
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1982 Champions

Super Bowl XVI Logo
San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XVI
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1987 Champions

Super Bowl XXI Logo
New York Giants Super Bowl XXI
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1998 Champions

Super Bowl XXXII Logo
Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII
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NFL Gear

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Awesome Deals!
Sunday1:00 pmRavens @ Bengals
 1:00 pmTexans @ Titans
 1:00 pmPanthers @ Buccaneers
 1:00 pmBrowns @ Steelers
 1:00 pmCowboys @ Eagles
 1:00 pmBills @ Jets
 1:00 pmBears @ Vikings
 1:00 pmJaguars @ Colts
 1:00 pmPatriots @ Dolphins
 4:25 pmChiefs @ Chargers
 4:25 pmCardinals @ Rams
 4:25 pmRaiders @ Broncos
 4:25 pmGiants @ Redskins
 4:25 pmSeahawks @ 49ers
 4:25 pmSaints @ Falcons
 8:30 pmPackers @ Lions
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Week 17 Spreads
Visitor vs HomeFavoriteSpread
Ravens @ BengalsBengals2.5
Texans @ TitansTitans3
Panthers @ BuccaneersBuccaneers6
Browns @ SteelersSteelers7
Cowboys @ EaglesEagles6
Bills @ JetsBills6
Bears @ VikingsVikings5.5
Jaguars @ ColtsColts4.5
Patriots @ DolphinsPatriots9.5
Chiefs @ ChargersChiefs4.5
Cardinals @ RamsCardinals6
Raiders @ BroncosBroncos2.5
Giants @ RedskinsRedskins8
Seahawks @ 49ersSeahawks10
Saints @ FalconsFalcons7
Packers @ LionsPackers3
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Super Bowl Rings

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Superbowl XLV Rings
Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Ring
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Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI Ring
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Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI Ring
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Pittsburg Steelers Super Bowl IX Ring
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