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Twice Around the Bases: The Thinking Fan's Inside Look at Baseball

Product# 460546559
Selling for $13.95

"An appraisal of major league baseball by the former Boston Red Sox manager and FOX Sports commentator covers a wide range of topics, including the illicit use of performance-enhancing drugs, the Latin American winter leagues, and the characteristics of winning players. Reprint."

Coaching the Little League Pitcher

Product# 460548262
Selling for $15.95

"The authoritative sourcebooks for parents, players, and coaches Baseball is a complicated game to learn, particularly for a 9- to 12-year-old's attention span. Bewildered managers, coaches, and parents of the more than 2.5 million Little League Baseball(R) players need all the help they can get. Filled with fun and easy-to-follow instructions and advice on teaching the fundamentals of baseball, the bestselling Little League Baseball(R) series is sure to score with coaches and kids alike. COACHING THE LITTLE LEAGUE(R) PITCHER This book provides Little League coaches and parents with valuable information on how to help their pitchers improve, covering everything from the kinds of pitches and the strategic aspects of pitching to tips for keeping players healthy and fit."


Product# 460678799
Selling for $7.5

"Henry 'Hammering Hank' Aaron slugged his way from the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro League to the Atlanta Braves, where, on April 8, 1974, he shattered Babe Ruth's homerun record--a feat recently voted the greatest moment in baseball history. 'A hell of a story'.--New York Times Book Review. Photographs."

Casey at the Bat

Product# 460680953
Selling for $19.95

The ultimate example of baseball verse is presented here with accompanying charcoal drawings by a noted sports artist and an original introduction with one of the great managers in the game.

Play Ball: A Tribute to Our National Pastime

Product# 460681650
Selling for $29.95

"Celebrating America's national pastime, this collection of some of the finest baseball writing ever published features selections from memoirs, short stories, commentary, and sports journalism, including excerpts from Hank Aaron's I Had a Hammer, George Will's Men at Work, Casey at the Bat by Ernest Thayer, and more."

Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds And the Making of an Antihero

Product# 460681993
Selling for $14.95

"Drawing on hundreds of interviews and extensive research, a balanced portrait of the controversial slugger follows Barry Bonds's twenty-year career, his prodigious athletic talents, his truculence and tumultuous personal life, his run ins with teammates, and his alleged steroid use. Reprint. 25,000 first printing."

Coaching Youth Baseball: A Baffled Parents Guide

Product# 460683220
Selling for $14.95

The quickest way to become an experienced coach.

Great Baseball Drills: A Baffled Parent's Guide

Product# 460683294
Selling for $15.95

"Games-based drills to end tedium and make practices fun and productive This handy reference is the solution to every youth baseball coach's worst nightmare: five minutes into an hour-long practice session and the players are bored, distracted, or just standing around. With nine diverse defensive positions plus batting and baserunning to think about, how can a coach keep all the players engaged and progressing at the same time? This coach's tool kit contains the answer. 'Great Baseball Drills is built around a unique games approach that keeps practices fresh and kids moving and excited. The drills are organized by skill level and position, and each teaches a specific skill or responds to a specific weakness. Includes: A fun, original games approach to drilling 6- to 12-year-old players 125 simple, skill-building games that keep kids moving A troubleshooting chart that lets coaches easily match drills to problem areas"

Making Little League Baseball? More Fun for Kids: 30 Games and Drills Guaranteed to Improve Skills and Attitudes

Product# 460683304
Selling for $15.95

"In 'Making Little League Baseball(R) More Fun for Kids, long time baseball coach Randy Voorhees arms coaches with dozens of innovative, easy-to-perform games and drills guaranteed to dramatically increase the fun quotient of their practices while building the skills, confidence, motivation, and sheer love of the sport Little Leaguers need to win games. Designed to involve all team members in practice, these 'games within the game' cover all fundamentals in the categories of hitting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning."

Wrigley Field

Product# 460765492
Selling for $34.95

"Created in conjunction with the Chicago Cubs, a unique tribute to baseball's most beloved landmark 'Wrigley Field brings to life and pays tribute to one of baseball's greatest ballparks. The story of this revered park, from its opening in 1914 through today, this revered park's story is gloriously depicted in picture and in word. This up-close-and personal record, proves why Wrigley is sacred ground to millions, from its manually operated scoreboard and the climbing green ivy of its outfield walls, to the raucous bleacher bums and bright days bathed in sunlight, massaged by Lake Michigan's soothing breezes. It is a refuge, it is a haven, it is an escape--from the workweek or from homework. Produced with the full cooperation of the Chicago Cubs, 'Wrigley Field pays fitting tribute to the ballpark's extraordinary nine decades-its history and unique features, its vitality, its people, and its greatest moments--through intimate, enthralling perspectives from the team's official photographer, Stephen Green, as well asteam and private archives. 'Wrigley Field is th"

Baseball; The People's Game

Product# 460768162
Selling for $45

The first book devoted entirely to the history of baseball outside of the professional leagues.