Fantasy Football and Poker

Fantasy football continues to gain in popularity each and every year; what was once the domain of sports geeks with spreadsheets is now big business as more and more fans join fantasy football leagues. Much like online video poker, fantasy football fans come from all walks of life, from the ultra- competitive that take it seriously and sift through every bit of data before drafting and fielding their teams each week to the much more casual fan looking to add a little excitement to watching football.

One huge advantage of sports games is they take all the manual work and headaches out of managing leagues, especially for keeper leagues (where part of your roster carries over to the next year) and leagues with live drafts. Instead of the league commissioner having to manage those tasks from year to year, it's now a snap to move it all online, where everything is handled automatically. Major broadcasters of NFL games have also gotten hip to the popularity of fantasy football, with many now including fantasy stats in their ticker that scroll on the screen to show scores during games.

Various online sites let you create free fantasy teams and form a league of your own or join an existing one. A lot of online sportsbooks also offer special fantasy sports contests as well, where you can enter contests to pick the best fantasy football team each and every week. While most don't offer the ability to keep and manage a traditional fantasy football team they do provide plenty of ways to cash in on your fantasy sports skills, as well as the obvious ability to bet on NFL games.

If you do sign up at a sportsbook, keep in mind that you'll also have access to casino and internet casino games as well, since most sportsbooks offer a wide range of products and games. Many online players get started for one reason, such as to play blackjack or bet on sports, but find out they really enjoy other games like poker when they take a seat and play a few hands. Not only is it simple to get started but most sportsbooks and casinos offer new players special bonuses when first signing up, so it can pay to play on many sites. It may not be quite as exciting as gambling in Vegas but it's the next best thing, and a very convenient way to enjoy sportsbetting, casino, and poker action all at the same time.