San Diego Padres Team History, Stats and Records

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San Diego Padres MLB Team History, Records and Stats

San Diego Padres season statistics

Year Team Games Wins Losses PCT Rnk Ball Park Attend World Series Manager

1969San Diego Padres162521100.2826Jack Murphy Stadium512,970NoPreston Gomez
1970San Diego Padres16263990.4286Jack Murphy Stadium643,679NoPreston Gomez
1971San Diego Padres161611000.3886Jack Murphy Stadium557,513NoPreston Gomez
1972San Diego Padres15358950.356Jack Murphy Stadium644,273NoPreston Gomez
1973San Diego Padres162601020.3366Jack Murphy Stadium611,826NoDon Zimmer
1974San Diego Padres162601020.2986Jack Murphy Stadium1,075,399NoJohn McNamara
1975San Diego Padres16271910.3954Jack Murphy Stadium1,281,747NoJohn McNamara
1976San Diego Padres16273890.4265Jack Murphy Stadium1,458,478NoJohn McNamara
1977San Diego Padres16269930.4085Jack Murphy Stadium1,376,269NoAlvin Dark
1978San Diego Padres16284780.4944Jack Murphy Stadium1,670,107NoRoger Craig
1979San Diego Padres16168930.4395Jack Murphy Stadium1,456,967NoRoger Craig
1980San Diego Padres16373890.456Jack Murphy Stadium1,139,026NoJerry Coleman
1981San Diego Padres11041690.4136Jack Murphy Stadium519,161NoFrank Howard
1982San Diego Padres16281810.5134Jack Murphy Stadium1,607,516NoDick Williams
1983San Diego Padres16381810.54Jack Murphy Stadium1,539,815NoDick Williams
1984San Diego Padres16292700.5391Jack Murphy Stadium1,983,904NoDick Williams
1985San Diego Padres16283790.5223Jack Murphy Stadium2,210,352NoDick Williams
1986San Diego Padres16274880.4524Jack Murphy Stadium1,805,716NoSteve Boros
1987San Diego Padres16265970.4346Jack Murphy Stadium1,454,061NoLarry Bowa
1988San Diego Padres16183780.5093Jack Murphy Stadium1,506,896NoLarry Bowa
1989San Diego Padres16289730.5132Jack Murphy Stadium2,009,031NoJack McKeon
1990San Diego Padres16275870.54Jack Murphy Stadium1,856,396NoJack McKeon
1991San Diego Padres16284780.4923Jack Murphy Stadium1,804,289NoGreg Riddoch
1992San Diego Padres16282800.4853Jack Murphy Stadium1,721,406NoGreg Riddoch
1993San Diego Padres162611010.4367Jack Murphy Stadium1,375,432NoJim Riggleman
1994San Diego Padres11747700.4494Jack Murphy Stadium953,857NoJim Riggleman
1995San Diego Padres14470740.4973Jack Murphy Stadium1,041,805NoBruce Bochy
1996San Diego Padres16291710.5611Jack Murphy Stadium2,187,886NoBruce Bochy
1997San Diego Padres16276860.4434Qualcomm Stadium2,089,333NoBruce Bochy
1998San Diego Padres16298640.5821Qualcomm Stadium2,555,874NoBruce Bochy
1999San Diego Padres16274880.4524Qualcomm Stadium2,523,538NoBruce Bochy
2000San Diego Padres16276860.465Qualcomm Stadium2,352,443NoBruce Bochy
2001San Diego Padres16279830.4864Qualcomm Stadium2,378,128NoBruce Bochy
2002San Diego Padres16266960.3985Qualcomm Stadium2,220,601NoBruce Bochy
2003San Diego Padres16264980.45Qualcomm Stadium2,030,084NoBruce Bochy
2004San Diego Padres16287750.5433Petco Park3,016,752NoBruce Bochy

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